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8 life lessons we can all learn from Pixar #Coco


Pixar movies have a tendency to make us feel all of the emotions. Whether we’re laughing or crying, each and every one of them has an incredible story to share that can appeal to adults and children alike.

This July sees the release of Cars 3, continuing the exciting story of Lightning McQueen, but towards the end of the year we’ll be taking a new character into our hearts in the form of Coco.

With our excitement for this latest venture growing every day, we’ve got to thinking about the hidden lessons of Pixar films. It’s almost guaranteed that Coco will have an inspiring new message to share but in the meantime, we’ve decided to take a look at the eight most important lessons Pixar have taught us so far.

8. Growing up is hard

The movie: Toy Story 3

Don’t pretend you didn’t shed a tear watching Andy say goodbye to his toys. Throughout the Toy Story series we’ve witnessed Andy growing up through the eyes of Woody and co., and the struggle of saying goodbye will be more than familiar to many of us. Despite this, Toy Story 3 also made clear the joys we can gain from simple memories, and really, we’ll all still remain children at heart.

7. Don't be afraid to be yourself

The movie: The Incredibles

Each member of The Incredibles was special in their own way, and eventually they learned that they should stop trying to blend in, and instead embrace what made them so different. The family knew they would always have each others backs, and we’re beyond excited for the sequel in 2018.

6. All dreams are possible

The movie: Ratatouille

Remy is not a human, and all logic indicates that a rat could never become a chef. Yes, in real life this would absolutely be the case (would you eat food cooked by a rat?), but Remy’s desire to achieve his dream is an inspiration to all who might feel that their true desires are just a little too out of reach.

5. Just keep swimming!

The movies: Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

Dory’s short-term memory loss could have severely impacted her life, but she never chose to see it as a burden. And as Marlin struggled to deal with the loss of Nemo, she was on hand to deliver an uplifting message – through song! Finding Nemo and its sequel taught us the importance of looking forward in life, no matter how bad things may seem.

4. Winning isn't the most important part of life

The movie: Monsters University

Learning that Sully and Mike were kicked out of Monsters University certainly came as a surprise, but an important message came along with it. After all, it shows that even if you don’t succeed in your first attempt, hard work and dedication will take you where you want to go. Mike might not have been born to be a scarer but there’s no better team than Mike and Sully put together.

3. You have the power to change your own fate

The movie: Brave

Okay, so our own lives are unlikely to involve cursed bears, but Brave delivers an extremely important message. As Merida defied the expectations of her family in pursuit of her freedom, we're taught the importance of making our own choices. Everyone deserves to chase their own dreams, no matter what struggles they may face along the way. As Merida stood up for her own free will, we learned the importance of doing things for ourselves, and not for those around us.

2. Life is an adventure

The movie: Up

Carl and Ellie spent their entire lives dreaming of an adventure that she never got to experience. As Carl rushed to make their dreams a reality, what he failed to realise was that every little part of their life was its own adventure. Thanks to a poignant scrapbook from Ellie (and numerous tears from us!), Up taught us that every little experience in life is part of a far greater adventure.

1. All of our feelings are important

The movie: Inside Out

Both Joy and Riley had an important lesson to learn during Inside Out. As Riley struggled to contain the sadness she was feeling having moved to a new home, Inside Out taught us that we don’t need to be happy all of the time. Whether we feel joy, sadness, disgust, fear or anger, they all demand to be felt and each one is as valid as the last.

So there we have it! Which of these Pixar messages has stuck with you the most? And are you excited for Coco? Let us know @Cineworld and be sure to check the movie out when it hits our screens on 8th December.

Hannah Dixon is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.