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5 aca-awesome moments from the Pitch Perfect 3 trailer


The Barden Bellas are back for one final adventure and headed for the big wide world in comedy threequel, Pitch Perfect 3. Here's our highlights from the first trailer.

Bellas no more

Don't be sad. Although our favourite acapella girl group have graduated and gone their separate ways they're still as wonderfully spiky and hilarious as ever. Although Becca (Anna Kendrick) has quit her job, Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) is now fronting a Fat Amy Winehouse tribute act.

Seriously, it's been far too long since we last saw this lot. Plus, Elizabeth Banks (not directing this time) and John Michael Higgins are back as the fabulously catty judging duo of Gail and John. Isn't it time they got their own spin-off?

Off to Europe!

What is it with comedy sequels and sending characters abroad? Pitch Perfect 3 is no different as go-getting Aubrey (Anna Camp) gets the band back together for an opportunity to entertain US troops on leave in Europe and beyond. Pack up your bags, it's off to France we go.

The new rivals

In the first movie we had the likes of The Treblemakers and in the second it was the avant-garde Kratfwerk parody Das Sound Machine. This time the Bellas are faced with the illustratively named quartet of Calamity, Serenity, Veracity and Charity who make the mistake of describing our heroines as a karaoke group.

After all, it wouldn't be a Pitch Perfect movie without a bit of competition – and it also wouldn't be a Pitch Perfect movie without a brilliantly self-deprecating punchline from Fat Amy.

Bonds of friendship

As ever much of the story centres on the wonderfully prickly relationship between Becca and Fat Amy, the latter of whom attempts to convince Kendrick's character that she's never let her down. If they weren't about to jump off a roof, we'd breathe easier...

We also spotted the Sydney, Australia sign above them, indicating this is going to be one seriously globe-trotting tour for the Bellas.

Is that John Lithgow??

We properly had to slow down the trailer here but that is indeed the Third Rock from the Sun and Shrek star tearing up the dancefloor. His character's name hasn't been revealed yet but frankly any movie is improved with a bit of Lithgow thrown in the mix.

Darn it, we really want to go and watch Harry and the Hendersons now.

What are your favourite moments from the Pitch Perfect 3 trailer? Let us know @Cineworld. The movie is released on 22nd December.

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