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Why Passengers duo J-Pratt are Hollywood’s new golden power couple


So you love Jennifer Lawrence...

... And you love Chris Pratt

So how about a movie they're both starring in together?

Lucky you, Passengers is that movie, and it's out now in Cineworld

Really though, we're celebrating the first ever union of two of the hottest, sharpest and funniest stars in Hollywood

These guys are brilliant together. Just check out Jen's reaction to Chris Pratt's epic card trick on Graham Norton...

Or this utterly hilarious, NSFW clip in which they do their best to insult each other on BBC Radio 1

Chris even calls Jen on her Grinchy approach to Christmas at the start of this BBC Breakfast interview

Just goes to show you can't fake this chemistry. J-Pratt: Hollywood's new movie golden couple. Give them another film, now!

Click here to book your tickets for Passengers
, out now in Cineworld