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Why we all need a pal like Paddington


Hold onto your red hats and make sure you have plenty of emergency sandwiches, because everyone's favourite Peruvian, marmalade-loving bear will be back on the big screen in Paddington 2, released on 10th November.

From his sense of style to his honest values, here's just some of the reasons why everyone should have a pal like Paddington…

He's the most polite bear you'll ever meet

Paddington is the sort of bear you could take to meet your grandparents, or anyone for that matter. Having been taught etquiette by his Aunt and Uncle in darkest Peru, Paddington always remembers his pleases and thank yous and could put any human’s manners to shame. You might just want to keep an eye on him when he’s using the “facilities” however...

He's a great conversationalist

What’s a friend if you can’t have great conversation with them? As well as etiquette lessons, Paddington was also taught the importance of chit-chat whilst he was young. As any true Londoner would be able to, Paddington can talk about the weather and even name all 100 plus ways to say that it is raining, which comes in pretty hand let’s face it. It’s hard to deny that we love talking about the weather in all its extremes, so whether it is positively tipping it down, or raining cats and dogs, Paddington would fit right in.

He always tries to do what's right

What better quality to have in a friend than someone who will always try to do what is right... even if they do it by accident.

In Paddington our favourite bear diligently tried to return a dropped wallet, without actually realising the careless customer was in fact a thief. Borrowing a skateboard, hitching a ride on a bus, and even flying through the air, this little bear from Peru would stop at nothing until he had caught the bad guy. He's a real unassuming hero, the best kind of BFF.

He's a style icon

Not only is Paddington a fun and charming furry companion, it's a well known fact that hanging out with him increases your cool factor by at least 75%. Whilst you might not be able to compare to his iconic sense of style (all hail the blue duffle coat and red hat), as long as you’ve got ample sandwich pockets on your jacket, you’ll both be good to go.

He's honest, brave and loyal

Honesty is one of the best virtues anyone could have, and Paddington is always truthful... even when the truth seems a little bit ridiculous. As his daring exploits against dastardly taxidermist Milicent (Nicole Kidman) proved, he’s also the bravest bear you’ll ever meet and fiercely loyal to his new-found family, the Browns. As well as saving the day, Paddington also teaches them what it means to be a real family, and helps to bring them all closer together.

He's got great taste

Aside from being adorable, stylish, loveable, and polite, Paddington is also very low maintenance so would make a great house guest. As we all know, marmalade contains all the vitamins and nutrients a bear needs, so as long as you’re well stocked up on the sweet stuff, you’ll have a very happy bear.

Click here to book your tickets for Paddington 2, released on 10th November.

Sarah Buddery is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.

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