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The Paddington 2 reviews promise another family classic #LoveTheBear


There aren’t many movies that, when they come around, are thought of as instant classics, but there was something about 2014’s Paddington that managed to captivate and enthral all who saw it.

Now, three years on, its sequel is about to land and, according those lucky enough to have seen it already (ie the critics), it’s another doozy…

“This year’s Christmas treat has arrived early, and Paddington Bear has incidentally shown us that Blade Runner isn’t the only film around capable of giving us an exciting and impressive sequel.” The Guardian

“Hugh Grant’s role, a prime contender for his funniest ever, is a blissful opportunity for him to ham it up, whether delivering Shakespearian orations to his own wigs, trying to sell a bemused Hawkins on his one-man show or dressing as a nun to infiltrate St Paul’s.” The Daily Telegraph

“The first Paddington film charmed us with a sincerity that’s not often found in family movies, which tend to opt for laughs over heart. Paddington 2 takes that appeal and builds on it, telling a new story but never forgetting what made us love him in the first place. Following a year of big-budget disappointments, this sequel is an hour and forty minutes of absolute joy.” Radio Times

Paddington 2 should be prescribed as an antidote to anyone who finds the madness of the modern world a bit wearing. It’s probably possible to not absolutely love it, but it’s hard to see how.” Empire

“2014's first film was an unexpected delight and a huge box office hit. If anything this joyous sequel is even better, in large part due to having a more entertaining villain. Hugh Grant demonstrates his genius for light comedy as a devious actor fallen on hard times.” Daily Mirror

Paddington 2 is filled to the brim with the same charm, wit and humour that resuscitated the character for a new generation three years ago, yet somehow even more entertaining.” Den of Geek

“This bearish sequel will leave you with a heart so warmed, you could trek across the Antarctic in beach shorts.” Time Out

Paddington 2 hits Cineworld on 10 November.