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The bear-necessities: 5 reasons you should be looking forward to #Paddington2


From deepest, darkest Peru, Paddington stowed away in a ship to London in the 2014 hit, Paddington, where the world once again fell in love with the bear who has just as much manners as he has marmalade. And our big-screen adventures with the bear in the blue coat aren’t over yet.

Paddington will return to cinemas on 10th November in an even bigger cinematic adventure in Paddington 2. We are already looking forward to his next adventure and here are 5 reasons why you should be looking forward to it, too.

1. Best of British talent

Usually us Brits are cast as villains in American movies due to our accents that exude intelligence and sophistication. Even when big budget movies are filmed or produced here it’s the Hollywood talent that steals the spotlight.

Hollywood may have already Americanised British stories like Braveheart or 28 Weeks Later but the character of Paddington will always be a national treasure. Paddington 2 will see an all-British cast with returning members Ben Whishaw, Peter Capaldi, Julie Walters, Sally Hawkins, and Hugh Bonneville alongside acting legends Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson who have been recruited as new characters for the sequel.

It’s not just the cast who are a showcase of British talent: the cinematographer (Erik Wilson), editor (Mark Everson), and producers are all Brits too. To top it all off, the film is directed and co-written by (you guessed it) another Brit, Paul King, who is best known for his work on cult British show The Mighty Boosh. Paddington 2 literally couldn’t be any more British if the Queen were in it herself.

2. It has its own charming sense of humour

British comedies are one-of-a-kind. They can get ridiculously silly like Monty Python or be completely surreal like The Mighty Boosh, yet they are unequivocally and charmingly clever.

Paddington was no exception. Author Michael Bond's creation is a talking bear in a blue duffle coat who keeps marmalade sandwiches under his hat for emergencies – sounds mad when you say it out loud, right? Take the sequence from the first movie where the curious Paddington tried to figure out how to freshen up in the bathroom. What started as him mistaking a toothbrush as an ear-cleaner quickly turns into him surfing down the stairs in a bathtub. Mix in a cast of quirky characters too and you have the perfect comedy.

We’re looking forward to witnessing the comical antics of Paddington 2 and if you’re in the mood for a jolly good rib-tickling then you should be too.

3. An important moral

For what could have been a simple family film, the first Paddington went the extra mile by embedding an important message, working as an effective lesson on immigration and acceptance of people who appear different. Who could have guessed that something like that would have worked so well?

Teaching such an important message in a child-friendly way is part of what made Paddington so special. Every great story has an important message behind it and we can only wonder what Paddington 2 has under its hat for us in November.

4. A detective story

In the 2014 film Paddington's search for a new home saw him travel all the way to London from Peru, only to embark on another adventure with the Brown family when he got there. By the end of the film Paddington had family, friendship, comedy, action, and even a secret organisation.

It’s hard to imagine a Paddington film could get any bigger but the sequel is set to be. This time around, Paddington will be investigating the theft of a present for his Aunt Lucy. From what we can gather from the little information we have, it seems like Paddington 2 will be like a “whodunnit” heist mystery. We are always excited about the thrills and twists of a good detective story, which can only be more exciting when Paddington is thrown in the middle of it.

5. It really is fun for all the family

That phrase gets thrown around a lot these days. Paddington 2, on the other hand, is poised to reclaim it. Just like Paddington the sequel will be aimed as a children’s film primarily, full of colour, big adventures, and non-stop laughs presented in a way that children can easily understand and enjoy. But what about the adults?

Like we said, Paddington 2 will be a showcase of the British sense of humour that appeals to everyone's inner-child, whilst at the same time proving witty enough for grown-ups to enjoy. Like the original, too, we can expect that Paddington 2 will deal with huge themes that are important for everyone.

Furthermore, Paddington may be starring in a new movie series but don’t forget that he’s been around since 1958 and has most likely been part of most parents’ childhoods, lending nostalgia to their experience. Paddington 2 will be fun for all the family so why not introduce him into your life or rekindle an old friendship?

Pack your marmalade sandwiches!

There's our five reasons why you should be looking forward to Paddington 2 when it arrives in Cineworld on 10th November. Why are you excited? Let us know @Cineworld.