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Darren Aronofsky regular Mark Margolis plays Magog in Noah


When Darren Aronofsky tweeted that Nick Nolte, and not the previously listed Mark Margolis, was to be playing the Watcher Samyaza in the forthcoming Biblical epic Noah, it looked like some falling out may have happened between the director and the veteran actor.

But no, rest assured that Margolis – who has appeared in all of Aronofsky’s films, from Pi through to Black Swan – is definitely still a part of the movie.

“Mark Margolis fans, fear not,” the director tweeted. “Mark plays watcher Magog as always. Long live the Nephilim. Nolte joins Mark and Frank Langella.”

A quick brush up on our Biblical history reveals that Magog was actually the second son of Noah's own son Japeth. However, Aronofsky's reference to the Nephilim indicates that Margolis, like his fellow actors Nolte and Langella, will instead be voicing a fallen angel, which presumably indicates the presence of fully CG creations.

Margolis is probably best known for his recurring role on Emmy-winning TV show Breaking Bad, as Héctor "Tio" Salamanca. Although he never spoke a word in the part (apart from one flashback episode), due to the character having been stricken by motor neurone disease, Margolis’ performance helped make Héctor one of the scariest bad guys on the small screen.

Combine him with the gravelly voiced duo of Nolte and Langella and we could have quite an intimidating trio of characters on our hands!

You can see for yourself quite how CGI-ed up Margolis is in the movie when Noah comes to Cineworld on 4 April.