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No Escape screening – what did Unlimited members think?


Were you celebrating the bank holiday yesterday? Did you manage to attend our exclusive Unlimited screening of Owen Wilson thriller No Escape?

We asked Unlimited members what they thought of the movie – here are just some of your responses.

We'll start with Stephanie who says it was thrilling to watch Zoolander actor Wilson in a completely different kind of role from his usual comic persona.

That's why they pay him the big bucks! Scott is similarly enthusiastic about the movie.

Glad you enjoyed it! Sam says that whilst he didn't have especially high expectations, the movie exceeded them – and then some.

Pride of Berk (we're assuming you're a How to Train Your Dragon fan?) goes one further.

And Sarah goes one further than that.

Even so, there were a couple of sticking points, namely co-star Piece Brosnan's accent. Here's what Jon thought.

Well, just be fortunate he wasn't singing 'S.O.S.' 

Thanks everyone for your feedback – don't forget about our next Unlimited screening of powerful Emily Blunt crime drama Sicario on Wednesday 23rd September. Check out the trailer below.