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Who are the suspects in the Murder on the Orient Express trailer?


The train ride to hell gets underway in this November's all-star adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express.

Queen of Crime Agatha Christie's celebrated tale of skulduggery and secrets is lovingly brought to the screen by Thor director Kenneth Branagh, who also doubles up as legendary, moustachioed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

Seriously though, what about that cast? If you're not familiar with the story, here's a brief intro to all those shadowy characters on board the Orient Express...

Ratchett – The victim

Played by: Johnny Depp

Described in the book as an unpleasant elderly American gentleman from whom Poirot recoils, Ratchett is the catalyst for the plot. When our heroic detective and the rest of the passengers are stranded on the Orient Express in a snowdrift near the Croatian town of Vinkovci (spelt Vincovci in the novel), the mystery gets underway.

Poirot's sleep is disturbed in the night by a cry from Ratchett's compartment and the grisly discovery of his murdered corpse the following morning casts doubt on everyone aboard the stranded locomotive. What makes it all the more intriguing is that Ratchett believed his life was being threatened...

Although Johnny Depp is almost certainly better looking and suave than the character described by Christie, with his rogue's gallery of oddballs and skeleton-in-the-closet weirdos, he seems perfect for the role.

Gerhard Hardman – The professor

Played by: Willem Dafoe

Always a master at shifty, secretive characters, Spider-Man actor Dafoe plays the stern German academic who may be concealing more than he knows. But then again, the same could be said of everyone on board this particular journey...

Mary Debenham – The governess

Played by: Daisy Ridley

Just an innocent face? A young girl caught up in something diabolical? Or secretly a conniving criminal mastermind? Star Wars actress Ridley's wide-eyed looks are put to good use for the role of Mary, a governess to two young children in Baghdad.

But although her job may indicate sincerity, compassion and a purity of intent, no-one is to be trusted.

Natalia Dragomiroff – The princess

Played by: Judi Dench

Branagh favourite and close friend Dame Judi adopts a far darker and more ambivalent persona for this riveting murder mystery.

She plays Russian-born princess Natalia, a moneyed aristocrat who could potentially have everything to gain – or lose – from a seemingly impossible murder.

Hector McQueen – Ratchett's assistant

Played by: Josh Gad

As the only person on board the Orient Express who was even remotely close to the murder victim, it's easy to cast suspicion on Hector. But the real culprit could be someone else entirely...

Frozen and Beauty and the Beast star Gad as a potential killer? Say it isn't so.

Pilar Estravados – The missionary

Played by: Penelope Cruz

Yet another Oscar winner found among this impossibly star-studded cast, Cruz plays this seemingly well-meaning Spanish nurse and missionary. But although she may seem the most pure-hearted among this den of vipers, she's as much of a suspect as anybody.

Mrs Hubbard – The widow

Played by: Michelle Pfeiffer

The one and only Catwoman plays a character who may be harbouring more secrets than most. An outspoken and forthright American widower, Mrs. Hubbard's motivations are always in doubt.

Edward Mastermann – The valet

Played by: Derek Jacobi

One of Branagh's closest friends and collaborators, Jacobi (who appeared way back in the director's Henry V in 1989) here plays the seemingly obedient manservant to Ratchett – but appearances can be deceiving.

Hildegarde Schmidt – The maid

Played by: Olivia Colman

Olivia is one of our finest actresses as the likes of Broadchurch, Peep Show and Tyrannosaur attest. But she's not really famous for playing wicked individuals... As Princess Natalia's ever-loyal maid, Hildegarde may be privy to more duplicity than most.

Dr Arbuthnot – The medical man

Played by: Leslie Odom Jr.

It's often said that it's the charming and good-looking ones you have to look out for. Arbuthnot's medical expertise may prove invaluable in locating Ratchett's murderer – but then again that very knowledge could easily cover up his own culpability.

As proof that this train isn't just loaded with British gentry, Hamilton superstar Odom Jr. brings some suave all-American charisma to proceedings.

Count Rudolph Andrenyi – The count

Played by: Sergei Polunin

One of the most intriguing bits of casting comes with this Russian ballet superstar. An infamous figure on the dancing circuit who was the subject of terrific 2016 documentary Dancer, Polunin here plays a mysterious aristocrat who travels using a Hungarian diplomatic passport and is fiercely protective of his wife. The plot thickens...

Hercule Poirot – The detective

Played by: Kenneth Branagh

One of Christie's most famous literary detectives has already been portrayed on both the big screen and the small. David Suchet portrayed him in the long-running ITV series from 1989 to 2013, and in 1974 he was played by Albert Finney in the big screen version of Murder on the Orient Express.

Now it falls to British institution Branagh to adopt the impressive facial whiskers and brainbox demeanour of this most celebrated detective. Poirot is the only person on board the Orient Express who can unmask the murderer – but it may be a race against time before the villain strikes again.

Who do you think did it? You'll have to wait until 3rd November when Murder on the Orient Express arrives in Cineworld.