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Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad: our new favourite A-list BFFs


Certain Hollywood friendships like Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, Seth Rogen and James Franco, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, make it evidently clear that those involved really adore one another’s company.

Having met on the set of Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Agatha Christie’s mystery thriller Murder on the Orient Express, Josh Gad and Daisy Ridley have now launched into our favourite BFFs of all time.

Right from the off Josh proceeded to pester Daisy on the Orient Express set for Star Wars: The Last Jedi secrets. (Don't worry, it's all in good humour.) It ought to be established, by the way, that Josh Gad is a huge Star Wars fan. Here's the Instagram proof.

So imagine any Star Wars fan’s delight, whether you're an actor or not, to be able to talk to Rey in person!

Josh didn't waste any opportunity to bug Daisy with questions fans have been asking in the two years since The Force Awakens left us breathless.

Before he tries to get some juicy film gossip, Josh acts calm and cool to flatter his Murder on the Orient Express co-star while she’s in her pre-costume gown and hair net ready for some glamorous 1930s style. (Daisy is playing governess and murder suspect Mary Debenham in the movie.) 

Josh starts with some small but important questions: for instance, is The Last Jedi plural? Daisy is quick off the mark though, saying that she's not allowed to find out about Frozen 2 but he's happy to reveal that Olaf will be back as long as he can find out what the Episode VIII title means. 

To access the next secret Josh had to get creative. In an attempt to trick Daisy into revealing the truth behind Rey’s parentage, he tried to work it into a rehearsal of lines between their movie characters Hector MacQueen and Mary Debenham. Luckily it was going to take a lot more than that to get Daisy Ridley to confess.

Before Josh had to really step it up, he gets help from his and Daisy's co-star, Dame Judi Dench, who plays fellow suspect Princess Dragomiroff in Murder on the Orient Express. Perfectly hashtagged #DameJediKnight, the Academy Award-winning Actress puts on her best-ever performance to try and get Daisy to give in and reveal some important answers.

In one final attempt to glean Star Wars spoilers, Josh ropes in the top dogs of the film business. Just take a look for yourself who he asks for help in order to get Daisy to let slip.

Putting Star Wars spoilers aside Josh and Daisy seem to really enjoy each other’s company, from going to Disneyland...

... To even buying toy figures of each other’s characters. Total friendship goals.

Indeed, it looks like the pair actually had a lot of fun filming Murder on the Orient Express and we’re looking forward to seeing them reunite for press and interviews in the run up to its release on 3rd November.

Also don't forget (as if you could) that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released on 14th December – we’re convinced there’s still time for Josh to find out a few spoilers.

Click here to book your tickets for Murder on the Orient Express
and click here to book for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.

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