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The 5 majestic #Mulan moments we can't wait to see turned into live-action!


Disney are going live-action reboot crazy at the moment what with the news about Jon Favreau's The Lion King and next year's sumptuous-looking take on Beauty and the Beast. And just when you thought there wasn't room for any more, along comes the thrilling news that their 1998 classic Mulan is also getting the reboot treatment, due for release in November 2018.

So it's time to ready the armies and face your true reflection, as we bring you the five classic Mulan moments that we can't wait to see transformed into live-action.

1. The attack on the Great Wall

Who can forget the shadowy, atmospheric and actually pretty scary opening of the original movie? It introduced us to the menacing presence of villain Shan-Yu as he and his men led an assault on China's most famous monument (obviously absent of all tourists – this is set in ancient times, let's not forget). Can we expect a similar opening to the new movie? And who is scary enough to play Shan-Yu? We're thinking Mickey Rourke.

2. Mulan faces herself

A pivotal moment of Disney's movie comes when Mulan, who eventually disguises herself as a man to fight in the army, comes to terms with herself to the sound of the chart-topping 'Reflection'. Written by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel and later covered by Christina Aguilera, it defines the triumphant spirit of the movie. Given that Jon Favreau stayed true to the original songs of The Jungle Book in his magnificent remake earlier this year, can we expect the same loyalty from the new Mulan movie?

3. Avalanche!

This earth-shattering action sequence in which Shan-Yu's huns are wiped out by a deadly onslaught of snow allowed for some truly eye-popping Disney animation. So just imagine how extraordinary it would look if it were to appear in the reboot. The Jungle Book set a new benchmark in terms of the interaction between cutting-edge special effects and live-action, so we'd expect this to be pretty spectacular.

4. Defeating Shan-Yu

Even 18 years later, no-one can resist letting out a cheer when our feisty heroine dispatches the movie's bad guy, with a little help from dragon Mushu (voiced by comedy legend Eddie Murphy). And on that note, surely you can't have a new Mulan movie without the hilarious comedy sidekick? Who knows, maybe Eddie will return to voice the character again... (We wish.)

5. A daughter's honour

There's no shortage of tear-jerking moments throughout Disney's back catalogue but few strike such a profound note as the end of Mulan, when her father brings everything to a noble close with the following words: "The greatest gift and honour is having you for a daughter." Whilst we ponder the surely incredible impact this will have in live-action form, we're on the hunt for a tissue...

What are your favourite Mulan moments and are you looking forward to the new movie? Tweet us @Cineworld with your thoughts.