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A family affair: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie brings cast of relatives


Giving someone a job because they’re related to you is one thing, but Brendan O’Carroll went several steps further and practically hired his whole family for his hit TV show, which is making its big screen debut this summer as Mrs Browns' Boys D'Movie.

O’Carroll himself plays the eponymous Agnes Brown, while a plethora of other O’Carrolls and their friends and relations play many of the other parts. We meet the extended family:

Cathy Brown
Mrs Brown’s fourth child and only daughter is played by O’Carroll’s real-life wife Jennifer Gibney. Cathy is a middle-aged woman on the look-out for a husband.

Betty Brown
Strong-minded Betty is married to Mark, one of Agnes’ sons. Betty is very strong-minded and is not afraid to put Agnes in her place when needs be. Betty is played by O'Carroll's daughter-in-law, Amanda Woods, who’s married to his son Danny.

Bono Brown
Mark and Betty’s son Bono (that has to be a U2 reference) is played by Jamie O’Carroll, Brendan O’Carroll’s grandson.

Dermot Brown
Agnes's third son is most often seen in giant costumes, which he wears as part of his job in mascot advertising. While not an actual relation, Dermot is played by Paddy Houlihan who is the best friend of O'Carroll's son, Danny.

Maria Brown
Maria is Agnes' daughter-in-law, married to Dermot. Maria is played by O'Carroll's real life daughter, Fiona O’Carroll.

Trevor Brown
Trevor is the youngest of Agnes's sons and a priest. Trevor is played by Martin Delany, O'Carroll's son-in-law, married to his real-life daughter Fiona.

Winnie' McGoogan
O’Carroll’s sister Eilish O’Carroll plays Agnes's next door neighbour and best friend Winnie.

If that’s all a bit too TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) then here’s a handy video featuring the man himself trying to explain it:

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie is released next week on 27th June.