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Holding out for a hero! Check out your heroic edition of the Movie Mixtape! #DeepwaterHorizon


In the wake of the superb survival-against-the-odds epic Deepwater Horizon, in which Mark Wahlberg leaps into action aboard an imperilled oil-rig, we've come over all heroic for this week's instalment of your Movie Mixtape.

We've rounded up some of the most fist-pumpingly heroic movie anthems that make us feel good – but will your favourites make the grade? Let's take a look!

I Need a Hero – Bonnie Tyler

Heard in: Shrek 2

It's time to break out the hairspray and exercise those vocal chords as we bring you one of the quintessential eighties power anthems. Plus, one of our favourite films, Shrek 2, put it to inspired use by combining the number with a Godzilla-sized Gingerbread Man – what's not to like?

You're the Best – Joe Esposito

Heard in: The Karate Kid

No not the 2010 Jaden Smith remake but the original eighties classic. You know those songs that are singlehandedly able to pull you off the floor and make you feel like Daniel-san? Look no further than here.

Flash – Queen

Heard in: Flash Gordon

Who needs unnecessarily complicated lyrics when a simple blast of 'Flash... aaaaahhhh!' immediately makes you feel like the most invincible figure in the whole universe? Just stick it on – you know you want to.

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Heard in: Rocky II

Do you really need us to explain this one? Put simply, movie songs don't get more heroic or motivational – just a few seconds of it will make you feel like Rocky himself, someone capable of taking on whatever difficulties are headed your way, and winning.

We Don't Need Another Hero – Tina Turner

Heard in: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Put all memories of Tina's bouffant-haired performance out of your mind and simply revel in the muscular nature of her classic eighties hit. Are you starting to feel mighty yet?

Heroes – David Bowie

Heard in: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Devastating as it is to think the music icon is no longer with us, he did leave us with a legacy of soul-stirring numbers. This 1977 classic was used to brilliant effect in the 2012 indie drama starring Logan Lerman but truthfully, we could listen to it anywhere and automatically feel good.

Now we want to hear your choices – drop us a tweet @Cineworld with your essential heroic movie hits.