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The amazing movie mothers we simply couldn't live without #MothersDay


This Sunday marks that time of year again when hard-working mums across the country get treated.

Give the gift of cinema this Mother's Day with a Cineworld gift card or gift box – and whilst you're deciding, check out our list of the greatest movie mums (plus one not-so-great choice).

Sarah Connor

The movies: The Terminator franchise

The year: 1984 – present

Maternal instinct is a powerful thing but Linda Hamilton's kick-ass, revolutionary sci-fi heroine takes it to the next level. Director James Cameron first introduced us to the mother of the human race's saviour in his 1984 classic, that particular Sarah vulnerable and persecuted. Come 1991's spectacular sequel Judgment Day however and she's a full-blown warrior, still harbouring fiercely protective instincts for her son but combining them with a fearsome onslaught of strength. Don't mess.

Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl

The movie: The Incredibles

The year: 2004

Not only a loving mother and devoted wife but a super-stretchy action hero too, Elastigirl is the sort of parent we'd want by our side during a drastic end-of-the-world situation. Pixar's animated classic introduces us to a whole family of domestic superheroes and among them, Holly Hunter's brilliantly memorable character (aka Helen Parr) stands out.

Bambi's mother

The movie: Bambi

The year: 1942

The lowdown: Just the mere mention of Bambi's kind-hearted, tragically ill-fated parent is enough to wrench the heart. Voiced by Paula Winslowe, she does a stand-up job of educating her adorable infant son in the ways of the world – until the famously tear-jerking moment in which the young fawn is left all on his own.

Elliott's mother Mary

The movie: E.T The Extra Terrestrial

Jumping 40 years ahead and we come to Dee Wallace's warm-hearted portrayal of the newly separated mum in Steven Spielberg's blockbuster smash. Mary is struggling to bring up her children – only for a visitor from outer-space to bring her family together in ways she could never have imagined.

Barbara in Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Actress Penelope Wilton all but steals this rom-zom-com from star Simon Pegg as the eponymous Shaun's hilariously befuddled mother. Largely oblivious to the fact that she's in the midst of a zombie outbreak, Barbara ultimately meets a tragic fate – a scene that lends unexpected pathos to Pegg and Edgar Wright's otherwise hysterically funny zombie parody.

Molly Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part II (2011)

Don't mess with this seemingly benign, woolen-clad mum! As played by British national treasure Julie Walters, Molly largely remained in the background of the Harry Potter franchise. That is until the memorable moment in the final film where she finishes off evil Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) with the classic line, "Not my daughter, you b**ch!"

Philomena in Philomena (2013)

Judi Dench was Oscar-nominated for her magnificent performance in this moving drama as an Irish woman searching for the son from whom she was separated 50 years earlier. Based on a heartbreaking true story, Philomena is a powerful reminder that some mums will do anything for their sons!

And one mother we really wouldn't want to have!

Mrs. Bates in Psycho (1960)

Alfred Hitchcock's seminal horror features one of the most sinister mothers in film history – although she never appears alive on-screen at any point! Nevertheless she exerts a malevolent hold on lonely motel owner Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins) – resulting of course in the film's famously shocking shower scene. Mama Bates' twisted history is currently being explored in American series Bates Motel.

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