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This week's new releases! Mother's Day, The Boss and more


Welcome to your essential round-up of the new releases out now in Cineworld. What will you be watching? Before letting us know, scroll down to get the lowdown on all the new movies you need to see.

Mother's Day

What's the story? An all-star cast assembles for this heartwarming comedy about the importance of mothers.

As Mother’s Day draws to a close, a host of disparate characters reflect on their relationships with their mums. Among the ensemble: divorced mother-of-two Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) and successful writer Miranda (Julia Roberts) who gave up her only child Kristin for adoption.

Meanwhile, Kristin herself (Britt Robertson) looks to track her mother down on the advice of her close friend Jesse (Kate Hudson) who must deal with her own parents’ collapsing marriage. The lives of these various characters soon intermingle in surprising ways.

Following his hit ensemble comedies Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, director Gary Marshall (the man also behind Julia Roberts classic Pretty Woman) now brings us another sweetly sentimental story of love, only this time with a decidedly maternal twist. The starry line-up also includes Jason Sudeikis and Britain’s very own Jack Whitehall.

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The Boss

What's the story? Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy lets rip again in this riotous comedy.

Industry giant Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) is the wealthiest woman in America and likes to think of herself as invincible – until the day she is sent to prison for six months for insider trading.

Upon her release, Michelle has nowhere to go and is forced to move in with her hapless former PA Claire (Kristen Bell). But this cunning entrepreneur has a plan to establish an even bigger empire than ever – and it involves an entire army of Girl Scouts making lots of brownies!

Scene-stealing star of Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy Melissa McCarthy, soon to be seen in the Ghostbusters reboot, reunites with her husband (and Tammy director) Ben Falcone to present us with another outrageous comedy creation. Providing admirably straight-faced support is Frozen voiceover actress Kristen Bell as the long-suffering Claire. Also in the cast is Game of Thrones sensation Peter Dinklage.

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Miracles from Heaven

What's the story? Jennifer Garner stars in an inspirational Christian drama about an incurably ill girl's miraculous cure.

When 10-year-old Texan girl Anna Beam (Kylie Rogers) falls ill, her fiercely devoted mother Christy (Jennifer Garner) is determined to get a correct diagnosis of her painful and debilitating condition.

She's naturally devastated to learn that Anna suffers from a rare and incurable intestinal disorder. This causes Christy to question her own previously unshakeable Christian faith as she tries desperately to find a way to save her daughter's life. But after a freak accident, Anna is found to be inexplicably in remission, baffling the medical profession.

Adapted from the real-life Christy Beam's faith-based memoir 'Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing', this uplifting true story is produced by the team behind Heaven is for Real. Patricia Riggen, director of The 33, delivers a powerful, emotional drama that will strike a chord with every parent.

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Learning to Drive

What's the story? A man and a woman from wildly opposing cultural backgrounds bond in this warm-hearted story of friendship.

Neurotic New Yorker Wendy (Patricia Clarkson) is a successful author whose husband has just left her for a younger woman. Having never learned to drive, she occupies herself by taking lessons with kindly Indian instructor Darwan (Sir Ben Kingsley), who is about to enter into an arranged marriage.

Unexpectedly, despite Wendy’s irascible temper and Darwan’s soft-spoken nature, they soon become good friends and through their friendship, learn how to move forward in their lives.

Led by the dynamic duo of Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson (The Station Agent) and Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley (Sexy Beast), this is a tender look at the perils of navigating life’s roadblocks, and how inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.

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When Marnie Was There
(limited release)

What's the story? A gorgeously animated, Oscar-nominated tale of magical friendship from the director of Arietty.

Recuperating from an illness, introverted, artistic Anna (Hailee Steinfeld) is sent to live in a picturesque seaside town with her aunt and uncle. She soon becomes drawn to a dilapidated manor house surrounded by marshes. Here she meets a young blonde girl named Marnie (Kiernan Shipka), with whom she has much in common.

Each time Anna returns, the apparently deserted house magically fills with life, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Slowly, she begins to understand the truth about her mysterious new friend.

Hiromasa Yonebayashi of Japan's renowned Studio Ghibli follows Arietty, his adaptation of The Borrowers, with another stunningly animated version of a classic English story. Joan G. Robinson's much-loved young adult novel is brought beautifully to the screen in this typically hand crafted, timeless and enchanting fable. It was nominated as Best Animated Feature at this year's Academy Awards. This screening has been dubbed into English.

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What's the story? Amitabh Bachchan stars in an emotional Bollywood thriller intertwining three lives in pursuit of justice.

For eight years, John Biswas (Amitabh Bachchan) has been on a relentless mission. He will stop at nothing to track down the murderer of his granddaughter following a kidnapping in Kolkata.

Father Martin Das (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is a former police officer whose life was changed forever by the same crime. Now another murder has been committed, bearing all the hallmarks of the original killing.

Cop Sarita Sarkar (Vidya Balan) swings into action and is soon hard on the heels of the perpetrator. As the tension builds towards a truly explosive climax, all three characters find their fates enmeshed.

The great Amitabh Bachchan leads a stellar cast in this expertly plotted, nail-biting thriller whose creative producer is Sujoy Ghosh of Kahaani fame. Also reunited from Kahaani are talented co-stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan.

Click here to book your tickets for Te3n.

Once Upon a Time in Amritsar

What's the story? Two young men seek their destiny in Amritsar in this thrilling Punjabi action movie.

Dilpreet Dhillon and Gurjind Mann star as friends in search of their purpose in life. To this end, they make their way to Amritsar, the holy abode of Sikhs. Here they ask the Satguru for guidance. Once they've sought the blessings of the Almighty in the Golden Temple, they await fate's roll of the dice. This promptly delivers a twist that they weren't expecting!

Sirphire and Jatt Airways director Harjit Singh Ricky's third film is a gripping action adventure with no shortage of thrills. Popular Punjabi singer Dilpreet Dhillon is teamed with the film's co-writer Gurjind Mann in the lead roles. Tanvi Nagi is the female lead, playing Dilpreet's love interest. The supporting cast includes many distinguished names from Punjabi cinema, including B.N. Sharma as Dilpreet's paternal uncle, Dolly Minhas as his mother and Shavinder Mahal as his dad.

Click here to book for Once Upon a Time in Amritsar.

Dulla Bhatti

What's the story? Binnu Dhillon stars in a Punjabi drama inspired by the heroic legend of Dulla Bhatti.

Also known as the 'Robin Hood of Punjab', Dulla Bhatti is a legendary Rajput folk hero who led a popular revolt against Mughal rule under the emperor Akbar in mediaeval India.

Minar Malhotra's imaginative new drama draws on this real-life 16th century story for its fictionalised tale. In this version, the young Dulla is a fun-loving character who manages to disturb everyone in his village with his naughty antics. But when he learns of his ancestry from one of these villagers, his life changes abruptly. Transforming himself into an action hero, Dulla now embarks on a fight for justice.

Best known for his hilarious comic performances in the likes of Naughty Jatts and Carry On Jatta, the film's versatile star Binnu Dhillon continues his impressive recent move into more character-based roles.

Click here to book for Dulla Bhatti.

Karinkunnam 6S

What's the story? Manju Warrier stars in a feelgood Malayalam entertainer about a volleyball team formed behind bars.

Given India's love of all things sporting, it is perhaps surprising that Mollywood has never made a film about volleyball. Until now. Malayalam star Manju Warrier, who was last seen in Rojin Thomas's Jo and the Boy, immersed herself in the sport in preparation for her lead role in this emotional family sports drama. She plays a volleyball coach who trains a group of prisoners at Poojapura central jail in Thiruvananthapuram.

Thirakkatha star Anoop Menon is cast as her husband. The director is Deepu Karunakaran of Fireman fame, working from a script by Arunlal Ramachandran, whose credits include Happy Journey, Thank You and 10.30am Local Call. For added authenticity, the film was shot on location at the real Poojapura jail over nearly three weeks. Its great ensemble supporting cast includes Babu Antony and Suraj Venjaramoodu.

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Where to Invade Next
(live premiere) (Friday 10th June, 6.30pm)

What's the story? Michael Moore 'invades' foreign countries to make America great again in this funny, provocative documentary.

Oscar-winning Bowling for Columbine director Michael Moore is on a globe-trotting mission to improve his nation. His plan is to stage friendly invasions of foreign countries and plunder their good ideas.

In France, he finds children who are fed delicious gourmet school meals that cost less than the junk food served in American schools. Finland has an education system that's the envy of the world.

Over in Iceland, women have achieved parity with men. Italians enjoy plenty of paid holidays and are even granted a 15 day paid honeymoon if they get married. And Slovenia has a completely free university system that welcomes foreign students.

Hilarious and eye-opening, it all adds up to amiable provocateur Michael Moore's most optimistic film to date. This screening includes a Q&A with the director, broadcast live from the Sheffield Documentary Festival.

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Discover Arts: Leonardo Da Vinci: The Genius in Milan (Thursday 16th June, 7pm)

What's the story? A unique journey through the life and work of the Renaissance master.

Last spring, Milan's historic Palazzo Reale played host to a landmark exhibition celebrating the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci. Drawing on the many masterpieces on display, this stunningly immersive HD documentary offers a fascinating guide to the artist's world and the treasures he left behind.

Exhibition curator Pietro Marani is joined by some of the world's leading Leonardo experts to tell an amazing story revealing new insights into the great polymath as painter, sculptor, scientist, anatomist, botanist and architect.

Its twelve sections explore such topics as the role of nature and science, comparison between the arts, reflection on the ancients, anatomy and mechanics, images of the divine and myths over the centuries (beginning with the Mona Lisa). New light is also shed on the mystery of Leonardo's life in Milan, where he spent eighteen years at the end of the fifteenth century.

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