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Loved Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? Then don't miss Disney adventure Moana!


If J.K. Rowling's magical extravaganza Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has got you hungry for yet more eye-poppingly thrilling family entertainment, here's why Disney adventure Moana needs to be next on your list.

It's got a strong hero

From Newt Scamander to Polynesian princess: like Fantastic Beasts, Moana is a movie with a central character we can rally behind and cheer on. Moana tears up the Disney diversity rulebook by becoming their first-ever Hawaiian princess and she's firmly charting her own course by following her dreams of becoming a navigator, as opposed to royal leader.

What a wonderful world

Fantastic Beasts whisked us into creature-filled 1920s New York. Moana is set to be no-less breathtaking with its sweeping vistas of lush islands and aquamarine water, all dotted with quirky characters like the coconut-wearing Kakamura. And talking of memorable characters...

Expect scene-stealing support

Every movie needs a sidekick to bring the laughs when necessary. Fantastic Beasts has Dan Fogler as no-maj Jacob. Moana has Fast 7 man-mountain Dwayne Johnson on vocal duties as bumbling demi-god Maui, an all-powerful figure whose relentless boasting about his own abilities promises to be both funny and endearing.

It's Disney!

The Mouse House have been on fire lately with the likes of Frozen (seriously, stop singing now), Big Hero 6 and this year's delightful Zootropolis. So how can you resist another of their family-friendly offerings promising to mix laughs, tears, memorable characters and beautiful visuals? Surely it's what you need to brighten up your waterlogged November.

opens on 2nd December. Keep your eyes peeled to the blog for details of when tickets go on sale.