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The 5 Hollywood villains we’d love to see the Minions team up with next


The Stay Puft Marshmallowman (Ghostbusters) 

The giant, lumbering paranormal monster made of conjoined marshmallows and sporting a white sailor’s hat (awww) was no match for the proton beams of Venkman and co. But now picture the same scene if he’d had an army of Minions to achieve his ambition of, er, squashing stuff. Delicious!

The Indominus rex (Jurassic World) 

About to roar onto our screens in Jurassic World, the Indominus rex is the ultimate genetically-modified man-munching dinosaur, but who’s going to keep him entertained after he’s levelled the theme park and seen off Chris Pratt? Step in Bob, Stuart and Kevin – it’s your time to shine!

Mugatu (Zoolander) 

He invented the piano necktie and plans to commit fashion crimes at will, but that haircut and blonde goatee are only going to get him so far. What he really needs is a team of small, yellow ne’er-do-wells to help him avoid the need for cheap child labour and spread the spandex…

Dr Evil (Austin Powers) 

Mwahahahah! Who needs Mini Me when you can have a band of even more diminutive (and loveable) rogues to help Dr Evil execute his admittedly questionable plans for world domination, including turning the moon into a death star? Now that really would be a frickin’ dream team!

Darth Vader (Star Wars)

The Minions are already well versed in the powers of the dark side, so they are perfectly placed to form an alliance with old helmet head. Who knows, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens due to be released on 18 December, maybe director JJ Abrams has got a trick up his sleeve and they already have...

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