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Meet the real-life Fantastic Four: Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, Kate Mara and Michael B Jordan


Introducing the super men and women about to star in Fantastic Four

Miles Teller (Reed Richards / Mr Elastic) 

Born: Downington, Pennsylvania, US 

Age: 28 

Story so far: Born to an estate agent Mum and a nuclear engineer Dad, Teller roamed the US as a child before heading to New York to study acting at the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute. He racked up a reported $100,000 of student loans, but started paying them off when hand-picked by Nicole Kidman for the 2010 car-crash drama Rabbit Hole. His played the villainous Peter in the futuristic thriller series Divergent, but the role that turned critics’ heads was his tormented drumming prodigy in 2014’s Oscar winning Whiplash. 

Real-life power: Solo drumming. A high school musician, Teller can play piano and sax as well as knocking out a mean backbeat on the drumkit. Boom!

Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm / The Thing) 

Born: Billingham, County Durham, UK 

Age: 29 

Story so far: Picked from thousands of hopefuls by director Stephen Daldry, Bell pirouetted into the nation’s hearts in 2000’s coming-of-age ballet hit Billy Elliott. Acting soon became his full-time job and he swapped small-town north of England for New York and LA. His standout roles since have included wide-eyed sailor Jimmy in Peter Jackson’s King Kong and the boyish lead in Steven Spielberg’s animated Tintin. Bell now has a young son of his own with ex-wife Evan Rachel Wood. 

Real-life power: Dancing. Billy Elliot was close to the truth for the schoolboy shuffler, who confesses: “I’d put ballet shoes down my pants to hide them from my friends”.

Kate Mara (Sue Storm / Invisible Woman) 

Born: Bedford, New York, US 

Age: 32 

Story so far: Born into a dynasty of American Football power-brokers, the elfin Kate decided early that acting was for her - and by 14 was on TV in NBC’s Law & Order. She earned her spurs in a series of supporting US TV and film roles, including playing Heath Ledger’s character’s daughter in Brokeback Mountain. But her meatiest role to date has been opposite Kevin Spacey as in-too-deep reporter Zoe Barnes in Netflix’s hit political drama House of Cards – which she exited in jaw-dropping style in series 2. Her younger sister is Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara. 

Real-life power: Laser focus. This girl is all about the day job. "If I wasn't acting, I would be dead. I would die. I can't imagine doing anything else,” she recently told Women’s Health magazine.

Michael B Jordan (Johnny Storm / Human Torch) 

Born: Santa Ana, California, US 

Age: 28 

Story so far: Fans of Baltimore crime drama The Wire will remember likeable teen street dealer Wallace – Michael B. Jordan’s breakthrough role back in 2002. It took another decade of TV work (The Cosby Show, The Sopranos) for the former child model to land his first film lead through - as one of the trio of superpowered high-schoolers in 2012 ’s Chronicle, where he first worked with Fantastic Four director John Trank. He also has form with Fantastic Four co-star Miles Teller, a co-star (with Zac Efron) in last year’s brom-com That Awkward Moment. 

Real-life power: Survival. Michael recently pushed himself to the limit for Bear Grylls’ celebs-under-pressure show Running Wild, and has been training with Sylvester Stallone for a new role in Rocky spinoff Creed. Don’t mess.

Fantastic Four will be blasting into Cineworld cinemas on 6 August.