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10 times The Last Jedi’s Mark Hamill bossed Twitter


The Luke Skywalker of The Jast Jedi looks like he hasn’t laughed, smiled or made a joke in a long time... a long time...

But there’s a reason why his real-life alter-ego, Mark Hamill, has over two million followers on Twitter and that’s because he’s one of the social media platform’s funniest, warmest and cheekiest posters. Here are 10 examples of why we love Mark Hamill on Twitter…

1. When he posed for a weird selfie with a giant Luke mask on

2. When he responded to this question about Luke’s non-speaking role in The Force Awakens

3. When he accidentally became a fan of Wolverhampton Wanderers

4. When he gave some sound parental advice

5. When he was challenged to a fight from Captain Kirk

6. When he gifted us this totally boss picture of him and Daisy Ridley

7. When he made us groan with this ‘dad joke’

8. When he defended Carrie Fisher from online trolls

9. When he wrote this touching Valentine’s Day poem

10. When he tried to start a rumour about who Finn’s dad was

See Mark Hamill back in action in The Last Jedi, released on 14th December.