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Maleficent composer James Newton Howard discusses the creation of the film's magical soundtrack


Out now in Cineworld, Sleeping Beauty fantasy Maleficent is a movie that unsurprisingly revels in the magical. But there are unseen magicians working behind the scenes to draw us further into the film's extraordinary universe, one of whom being composer James Newton Howard.

I'm a big fan of orchestral film music and for me, Newton Howard is one of the best. He's a chameleonic composer able to lend his hand to epic action (King Kong; The Hunger Games), classical pastiche (Restoration), gentle romance (My Best Friend's Wedding) and chilling horror (The Sixth Sense). But when it comes to the mystical landscape of Maleficent, Newton Howard draws on the rich vein of fantasy heard in his scores for regular collaborator and Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan (Lady in the Water; The Last Airbender).

Watch the following interview with the composer (courtesy of The Capitol Eye) in which he discusses the creation of the Maleficent score. It's fascinating stuff and proof positive that few things are more important in fantasy movies than a lushly sweeping soundtrack.

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