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Tom Hardy says he was battered during dangerous Mad Max: Fury Road shoot


Under the impression that the insane action sequences in Mad Max: Fury Road were largely carried out with CGI? Think again. In fact, the majority of them were achieved with practical stunts – and by members of the cast. 

Impressive – and more than a little mind-boggling – when you see the rampant explosions and cars flying through the air during the film's spectacular trailers.

The movie's star Tom Hardy has admitted he was thrown into the thick of it during the dangerous and chaotic production, during which time he undertook the vast majority of his own stuntwork. Filming took place in the scorching heat of Africa's Namib Desert. However, Hardy reveals that the extreme heat was but one of the issues.

"[Mad Max was] heavy metal in the baking sun, blunt traumas and car crashes, cars rolling over, spikes," Hardy tells SFX Magazine (via Digital Spy). "Everything's metal. You're on wires with very little clothing on, and you've got a harness. It's very sweaty and hot and you're getting wrenched in the air and trying to bounce, smashed against metal, day in, day out, for six months. I got battered. I mean, it was bad."

The intensity is set to burn off the screen in the fourth Mad Max movie, as Hardy's road warrior character Max Rockatansky must enter an uneasy alliance with Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron). It's a story that plays out against the futuristic backdrop of a desert wasteland, one patrolled by marauding gangs in a host of fearsome-looking vehicles.

The challenges of the production look as if they've translated into adrenaline-fuelled cinema, and Hardy says that the difficulties he faced during filming helped the portrayal of his character. "Hurt your finger? That's manly, mate," he says. "Get up and just hold your fingers and keep going, cos you can't stop."

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