The Mad Max: Fury Road survival guide


Staying alive is everything in ferocious futuristic adventure Mad Max: Fury Road, out now in Cineworld. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron star in this brutal and gripping story of survival, one that plays out against a sun-baked desert wilderness patrolled by deadly, marauding gangs in vehicles adorned with spikes, guns and other fearsome weapons.

But what if the movie's vision of the future were to come true? Luckily, we're one step ahead of the game – here are the five essential tips you need to survive the movie's desolate, violent futuristic landscape. 

Look after number one

In the future, morality has long since taken a back seat. Your own survival is the key priority and you can't worry about anyone else. It's best to go it alone and avoid groups of other people, unless circumstance absolutely demands it.

Get a vehicle

No vehicle? No way. This is a time where fuel is scarce and the scorching desert envirionment is as deadly as the people who populate it. Ensure your truck or car is kitted out with all the mod-cons you need, from flame-throwers to cannons to spears. A plough attached to the front will also be handy for making your way through otherwise impassable drifts of sand.

Arm yourself with whatever you can find

With danger at every turn, you must be savage. Prepare to use anything as a weapon, and keep a sharp lookout for where guns might be stashed on other people's vehicles. And if you can't find anything, you must resort to plain old hand to hand combat.

Use others to your advantage

You've heeded the warning about avoiding people. But every so often, you may be forced to team up with others to achieve your goal. Just don't make the mistake of putting trust in anybody. Trust is at more of a premium than anything else.

Upgrade your body if necessary

In a world without rules, injury is inevitable. But this is the future – key body parts can be replaced with robotic attachments that, in the long term, will help with the punishing realities of day to day existence.

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