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Is pint-sized X-Men protégé X-23 the new Wolverine? #Logan


The stunning trailer for the next movie in the expansive X-Men franchise, Logan, had us all weeping! Not only does it look like it'll be one of the most hard-hitting and emotional superhero movies to date, but it also marks the final time we will see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, as he prepares to hang up his claws for good.

Wolverine has been one of the most unforgettable characters in the X-Men movies and whilst it'll be sad to see him go, there's someone who might just be able to fill his rather large shoes. You may have also noticed in the trailer that Logan has a cute companion, a little girl who is heavily rumoured to be X-23, Wolverine’s clone.

Here's everything you need to know about Logan’s pint-sized protégé, and why this miniature mutant could, and should, be the new Wolverine!

Who's that girl?

In the comics, X-23 (aka Laura Kinney) is born when a top secret programme attempts to recreate the original Weapon X experiment, which of course is how our hero Wolverine came to be. Using genetic samples from the Weapon X programme, X-23 is created from the DNA of Wolverine himself. Raised in captivity, X-23 was trained to be a weapon, and an all out-killing machine. She might only have two claws, but this doesn't make her any less of a badass!

She's got the power!

X-23 might be tiny but she's certainly not to be messed with. After being subjected to some horrifying experiments, one of which involved forcefully removing her claws (ouch!) in order for them to be bonded with Adamantium, X-23 was also exposed to radiation in order to trigger her mutant powers, which rapidly accelerated her growth. She was even controlled with a trigger scent which would send her into an uncontrollable rage. We weren't joking when we said she wasn't to be messed with.

X-23 and Wolverine

Initially in the comics, Laura went after Logan to try and kill him, blaming him somewhat for the way she was and how she was treated! There's a hint at this in the trailer as there's a very brief shot of two claws lashing out at Logan... eek!

However over time she realises that Wolverine also struggles with his violent past and they end up forming a strong bond, with X-23 even seeing Logan as somewhat of a father figure, albeit a slightly unconventional one. The trailer again hints at some claw-some bonding time, and whilst Logan might come across as a badass it seems this little girl might just soften him a little.

The new Wolverine?

Comic book fans will know what happens to Logan but whether the film will follow the same path remains to be seen. Either way, X-23 does later take on the mantle of Wolverine, so it is incredibly significant that she will be making an appearance in Logan.

With the film being loosely based on the well known 'Old Man Logan' storyline from the comic books, and with Hugh Jackman stating this will be his final film, the stage is ready for his pint-sized protégé to take over. From what we know already, she will be the perfect choice to take over from the marvellous mutant.

Girl power!

The X-Men universe has already given us some kick-ass female superheroes in the form of Mystique, Phoenix and Storm, and X-23 will be the perfect addition to join them. Perhaps she’ll get her own movie where we can explore more of her past and see her become the badass hero we all need, or maybe she’ll make an appearance in the next X-Men movie and team up with her fellow mutants?

Either way we can't wait to see more of this character and how she might shape the future of the movie universe. No need to weep over Wolverine now: Logan might be leaving, but long live Laura, aka X-23!

Do you think X-23 will take on the clawed mantle in future X-Men movies? Tweet us @Cineworld with your thoughts. Logan is released on 2nd March 2017.