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Lilo & Stitch’s 15th anniversary: our 5 favourite scenes


It was 15 years ago today that Disney’s Lilo & Stitch arrived in cinemas, becoming an instant family classic. The movie spawned two sequels and three spin-off TV series, all of which are great, but our heart remains with the 2002 original.

Lilo & Stitch told the story of a little orphan girl (named Lilo) who adopts an unusual pet whom she soon discovers is actually a notorious extra-terrestrial fugitive (that’s Stitch). It featured the voices of, among others, Daveigh Chase, Tia Carrere, David Ogden Stiers, Kevin McDonald and Ving Rhames and was nominated for the 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

So, to commemorate its 15th birthday we thought we’d remind ourselves of our favourite Lilo & Stitch scenes…

He Mele No Lilo 

We love this traditional Hawaiian ditty from the movie. It’s sung by Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu and is one of the few non Elvis Presley songs on the soundtrack.


The scene where Lilo meets Stitch for the first time is always worth seeing again. We particularly love the shot of all the scared dogs in the rescue centre!

Stitch becomes one of the family

One of the most heartwarming moments in the film is when Stitch is allowed to stay on Earth with Lilo and Nani. Altogether now… Aaaaaawwwww!!!

No more caffeine for Stitch

This scene where Stitch scampers hyperactively around Lilo’s room as she shows him around is a definite favourite. “No more caffeine for you,” sighs Lilo.

Stuck on you

We love a comedy montage and these scenes where Stitch has to adapt to being a pet are some of the funniest in the movie.

What are your favourite Lilo & Stitch scenes? Let us know @Cineworld.