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The LEGO Ninjago Mech suits that would make Tony Stark blush


From Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit to the towering Jaegers from Pacific Rim, mech suits always seem to make a film immeasurably more fun.

And with LEGO Ninjago hosting a whole heap of mechanised suits that even Stark would be jealous of, we can only imagine that the movie is going to be a total blast.

As we wait in anticipation for its release this Friday, we’ve decided to take a closer look at every mech that will feature in the upcoming film.

Mech Suit: Green Ninja Mech Dragon

Owner: Green Ninja (Lloyd)

The first mech suit on our list is also the coolest – but what else would you expect when its controlled the film’s hero? Lloyd’s (Dave Franco) mecha suit is shaped as a huge dragon. The Green Ninja Mech Dragon is capable of flight thanks to hidden thrusters and can fire out missiles and green flames so hot that it can melt LEGO bricks.

Sure, this mech may be made of LEGO, but the fact that Lloyd rides a dragon into battle is pretty darn impressive. Move over Daenerys Targaryen, a new dragon rider has stolen our hearts.

Mech suit
: Garma Mecha Man

Owner: Garmadon

The villain of the film was always going to get a badass mech suit, but we still weren’t quite prepared for how epic the Garma Mecha Man is. Garmadon’s (Justin Theroux) mech suit looks like a huge humanoid robot, like something that you’d find in Power Rangers, but with a head that resembles one of a hammerhead shark.

But not only can this mecha suit intimidate you into submission, or simply step on you like an insect, but it also has a powerful weapon. It doesn’t fire lasers, fire, ice beams or anything else you’d normally find. No. Instead, it fires out great white sharks. If you thought Jaws was scary, imagine a gigantic robot firing out multiple rounds of sharks. There’s nothing worse!

Mech Suit
: Fire Mech

Owner: Fire Ninja (Kai)

The Fire Ninja, Kai (Michael Pena), is a bit of a hot head and he has a mech suit to perfectly represent that. The Fire Mech has a formidable arsenal, able to shoot fire at its enemies to scorch them into submission and fire out disc projectiles to hit targets at range.

Don’t think it can’t fight up close though, as the trailer show the Fire Mech engaging in hand-to-hand combat for some ridiculously cool action sequences. At the very least, this suit would be perfect for hosting barbeques.

Mech Suit
: Water Strider

Owner: Water Ninja (Nya)

Nya (Abbi Jacobson) may be the sister of Fire Ninja Kai, but her powers are the exact opposite since she’s the Water Ninja. So, what does her mech suit look like – a whale, a crocodile, giant squid?

No, a water strider… you know, those insect creatures that like to skate on water. It’s not exactly going to inflict fear into the hearts of its enemies, but once you’ll see this suit gliding across the ocean, you won’t doubt it quality.

Don’t think it doesn’t have a weapon either, with the ability to fire projectiles at any sharks that attempt to take a bite out of the metal frame.

Mecha Suit
: Lightning Jet 

Owner: Lightning Ninja (Jay)

Okay, so this is more jet than mech suit, but it’s not like any aircraft you’d find with EasyJet. The Lightning Jet is capable of, yes you guessed it, firing bolts of lightning, which is handy considering the ninjas are facing off against a shark-firing robot.

Jay (voiced by The Big Sick's Kumail Nanjiani) is the pilot of such an awesome vehicle, and while he’s described as being quiet and cautious, he also appears friendly in the clips we’ve already seen. We suppose you’d need to be level-headed to fly a jet that can emit lightning.

Mecha Suit
: Ice tank

Owner: Ice Ninja (Zane)

Fine, you got us again. This is a tank, not a mech suit. But are you really going to complain when you get to see a tank with an ice-firing cannon? Thought not. Zane (Zach Woods) is the driver of this cool war machine, but it turns out no normal ninja would be able to cope in such freezing conditions.

Perhaps that’s why Zane is no human at all, but rather a robot ninja instead. We’re not sure what’s cooler: an ice tank or a robot ninja!

Mecha suit

Owner: Earth Ninja (Cole) Sadly, we don’t know too much about Cole’s (Fred Armisen) suit. We know he’s the Earth Ninja, and his vehicles have previously been equipped with drills to complement his powers, but we’re not entirely sure whether the film’s version will feature such tools.

We have, however, seen the suit in action during the trailer. It looks like another humanoid mech, but with a large wheel in place of mechanised feet. It also has a cool black paintjob, with yellow glowing lights to complete the look. Why this suit is surrounded in mystery is unknown, but hopefully it has a few surprises in store for us.

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Ryan Jones is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.