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Make LEGO Batman your Valentine's date movie!


It's Valentine's Day and let's be honest, roses and chocolates don't cut it anymore. So make it a proper date night at Cineworld with the epically awesome and utterly hilarious The LEGO Batman Movie. Here's why you need to make a romantic appointment with Bats.

Forget romance! This is the anti-Valentine!

Does the thought of a soppy movie make you both head for the exits? Then instead, you can both tap into your inner geek with the frenetic blast of fun that is LEGO Batman, one that reunites you with the LEGO Movie scene-stealer voiced by Will Arnett. Try and spot all of the comic book in-jokes lurking in the corners of each frame – there are so many, we guarantee you'll give up after five minutes.

It's a different kind of love story!

Love has all kinds of different meanings, right? In this instance, it's all about Batman's quest to find a new family and become accepted. Aww! But if that sounds too sentimental for you, rest assured the running gag about Bats 'fighting around' and betraying his supposed 'greatest enemy' the Joker (Zach Galifianakis) redefines bromance.

Relationships? This movie has LEGO bursting from every seam!

Who needs confessions of undying romance when arguably the greatest kids' toy of all time transforms every shot into a visual playground? As one would expect from the makers of the LEGO Movie it's a feast for the eyes, and we challenge you to keep up with the level of detail contained within the movie's gorgeously detailed animation.

Unlimited members? Make it a proper date night!

Chew over the experience of the movie and follow it up with a romantic meal at Pizza Hut, Chiquitos or Frankie and Bennys. 25% off with your Unlimited card – who can ask for more?

So what are you waiting for? Click here to book your tickets for The LEGO Batman Movie and send us your responses @Cineworld.