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Loved Moana? Don't miss LEGO Batman arriving in 2017!


We're already thinking ahead to 2017 and the awesome movies coming your way. And if you loved Disney's heartwarming and inspiring Moana, don't miss hilarious animated adventure The LEGO Batman Movie, arriving in February. Here's why you can't miss it.

We've waited AGES for this

Like, since February 2014 when Will Arnett's gravelly-voiced Dark Knight single-handedly flew away with the superb LEGO Movie. Now he has an entire movie to be moody and hilariously self-involved in – frankly we can't wait.

It's a Batman movie about the Batman movies

We creased up in the trailer when Ralph Fiennes' droll and ever-loyal Butler Alfred reeled off all the Caped Crusader movies made so far, especially the sly reference to "that weird one in 1966". (Google Adam West, you young 'uns.) If the movie is even half as sharp as what the trailer makes out then we're in for a treat.


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World's Michael Cera voices Bruce Wayne's loyal sidekick Dick Grayson, although it looks to get a brilliantly funny twist when it turns out the former unwittingly adopted the latter. With the LEGO Robin's seemingly unfaltering enthusiasm and penchant for revealing his costume under his clothes, he may steal the show.

The Joker!

The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis voices the Batman's most feared nemesis, although in this one he looks to be as much of a crybaby as an infamous villain when Bats reveals he cheats on him by fighting other criminals.

At the end of the day, it's LEGO, and everything is awesome

The LEGO Movie stunned all of us with its wondrously detailed animation and superb mixture of physical humour and sly gags for older viewers. Given this new movie comes from the same stable (LEGO Movie geniuses Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in as producers), it's safe to say we can expect great things from this.

The LEGO Batman Movie
is released on 10th February 2017. Will you be watching? Tweet us @Cineworld.