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Why LEGO Batman’s BFF Robin is going to steal the show!


We have already seen Batman this year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and next year he’s back… though in a different form.

After the success of The LEGO Movie in 2014, the film has a few spin-offs in the works and the first up is The LEGO Batman Movie that sees the return of the grumpy, arrogant, all-black wearing caped hero.

Although he’s not the only famous comic book character we’re going to see in the film – Alfred, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl!) and The Joker all feature – Batman’s famous side-kick Robin will also make his first appearance rendered in LEGO, and he’s the most adorable he’s ever been!

Being the complete antithesis of Bruce Wayne’s superhero, Robin promises to bring the fun and energy to LEGO Batman. Here’s why Robin, Batman’s BFF, is going to steal the show!

He brings out Batman's paternal side

As seen in the trailer, Batman takes in the young orphan Dick Grayson possibly because he feels empathy towards him as he too was a young orphan. For a long time Bruce Wayne has looked out for him and him only – even Alfred has to fend for himself after looking after Master Wayne all day.

However, now Batman has some responsibility because he must help raise Dick Grayson and care for the boy. Plus, Batman needs to mentor the young boy so he can become the iconic Robin. Batman is going to have to be very protective of his Battech.

Robin is sooo much happier than Batman

Given his unlucky upbringing so far, Robin has many reasons to be pessimistic and a bit down in the dumps (similar to Batman’s outlook on life). But Robin is the absolute opposite in terms of attitude.

Instead, he’s happy, cheerful, interested in learning about everything and optimistic about the future, even when a battle with bad guys seems imminent. This helps invest us with a sense of humour and energy that counteracts Batman’s doom and gloom.

What’s more, when we’ve had too much positivity from Robin, Batman’s attitude on life brings us back down to earth. The difference in colour palettes in their costumes depicts just how different their personalities are: Batman is in black and Robin is as brightly coloured as can be!

He completes the Dark Knight!

A Batman movie without a Robin can be good (just look at the success of The Dark Knight trilogy – well, at least until the end of The Dark Knight Rises), but they are much more fun to watch with the energetic and funny Robin.

Think of all the times Robin has helped Batman in the past, even saved him from defeat! Surely that’s enough of a reason why Robin will stand out in The LEGO Batman Movie.

Unlike Batman who loves the celebration revolving around him, Robin is a genuinely nice kid who will help Batman through anything, even if it means accidentally getting his cape in the way.

He's super-cute

Like a cute pet dog, Robin is hyper and constantly wanting to know everything about Batman’s technology. In the trailer we see that Robin is curious about Lego Batman-tech, just like any young mind would be if they found themselves in the famously top-secret Batcave!

Robin is not only younger than Batman, but he’s still got a lot of learning and growing to do, which makes him relatively innocent in terms of being a superhero. Robin has a kind heart which means he has yet to witness first-hand the evil from The Joker and Gotham’s other bad guys.

Along with his interest in technology, Robin will be the Batman’s best asset because he has a fresh take on this superhero business. His adorable cuteness will come in handy when fighting the baddies. Just looks how cute his little face is!

Like us, Robin's a Batman fan!

What better way to help out a superhero than to know everything and anything about them? Robin is a huge Batman fanboy and he’s living the dream by being his side-kick. From a little scene in the trailer we see Robin almost lose his mind at realising the big Bruce Wayne/Batman secret, so there is bound to be more giddiness and excitement from the little hero throughout the film.

Robin is essentially the audience surrogate, the regular guy on whom we can count to help Batman save the day. Here’s the moment the penny drops for Robin concerning Batman’s identity.

He's got the threads

Though we assume he will stick with his classic red, yellow and green costume, we could see Robin clad in his iconic black and red suit. or even see more of his flame suit! Perhaps Robin's infectious nature will also tempt Batman to opt for something other than his fifty shades of black (or dark grey) capes.

What’s your favourite Robin moment from The LEGO Batman Movie trailer? Let us know! The LEGO Batman Movie is out 10th February @Cineworld cinemas!

Nadine Shambrook is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.