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Is LEGO Batman the greatest Dark Knight movie yet? The critics give their verdict...


The LEGO Batman Movie makes its glorious arrival in Cineworld screens from tomorrow, and anticipation is steadily building.

Critics have already weighed in on the return of Will Arnett's hilariously moody Dark Knight, so what's the verdict? One thing's for sure, it's certainly poised to be the funniest Batman entry of all time, matched only by its classic predecessor, The LEGO Movie.

Raves Owen Gleiberman in Variety: "The first thing to say about The LEGO Batman Movie is that it’s kicky, bedazzling, and super-fun. The second thing to say about it is that, like The LEGO Movie (2014), it’s a kiddie flick that’s been made in a sophisticated spirit of lightning-fast, brain-bursting paradox. The movie uses digital animation to create the illusion that it’s set in a herky-jerky universe of plastic Lego bricks — but it has such a kaleidoscopic, anything-goes flow that it trumps the imagination of just about any animated feature you could name."

"The not-so-Dark Knight returns in the joyously bonkers The LEGO Batman Movie, and he's not only the hero we need right now but also the one we deserve", writes Brian Truitt in USA Today. "The family-friendly animated superhero comedy... maniacally blisters the screen with loving homages to past Bat-flicks, wacky baddies, wickedly clever references (including a great jab at Marvel) and one very unsubtle message: Don’t be a jerk, be a pal."

Peter Travers, writing for Rolling Stone, writes that he couldn't get enough of the new Batman, funnier than Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck combined.

"The LEGO Batman Movie, animated with love and lunacy, is the funniest Caped Crusader movie ever", Travers enthuses. "Will Arnett may have found the role of his career voicing the growly Dark Knight as a delusional, ego-centric freak willing and eager to mine laughs out of his own psychosis, Hollywood's plastic soul and every Bruce-Wayne/Batman from Adam West to Ben Affleck."

In a four star review, Empire's Jonathan Pile writes: "This is the third time Batman has featured in a major cinematic release in the past 11 months. And, if anything, with the release of The Lego Batman Movie, those films have reversed the prevailing wisdom: dark and moody is bad, comedic and silly is good. Whether or not we deserve it is irrelevant — this is the Batman movie we needed right now. And it delivers."

And in Time Out, Tom Huddleston describes the movie as "a ferociously paced, wildly silly pastiche of those comic-book blockbusters we’re all getting a bit sick of. The plot may draw on another creaky comic cliché – Batman inadvertently adopts adorable orphan Robin (Michael Cera) and has no idea what to do with him – but ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ is so jam-packed with ideas, asides and barmy cameos (Lego Bane! Lego Marlon Brando! Lego gremlins!) that there’s barely time to notice."

That's what the critics have said – now we want to hear what all you Cineworlders think. Click here to book your tickets for The LEGO Batman Movie and send us your thoughts @Cineworld.