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Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman! Why #LEGOBatman is the hero we all want to be…


After stealing the show in 2014’s The LEGO Movie, everyone’s favourite Dark Knight, LEGO Batman, will be winging his way to cinemas very soon in his debut brick-tacular solo adventure, and we can't wait! More than just your average superhero, here's why Batman is the hero we all want to be...

He'll rock any colour you like... as long as it's black!

Batman stays true to his aesthetics and his penchant for the darker side of the colour spectrum, rocking the trademark black and yellow like only a true style icon could.

Despite the trailer revealing that there are a whole host of other costumes in the bat-wardrobe (we rather like the look of Glam-Bat!), the Caped Crusader will be very much back in black as he saves Gotham from the evil tyranny of the Joker. As we all know, a superhero's style choices are very important, and Batman is easily the coolest of them all. You try looking that awesome in a dressing gown and a bat mask!

If at first you don't succeed...

Batman not only has the confidence to cover up his mistakes, but the persistence and the ability to keep going until he succeeds. (Remember the batarang scene from The LEGO Movie?) In dark times when the super-villains are out to make mischief and cause trouble, it is down to the heroes to keep fighting for the greater good, and Batman definitely fits the bill for this one.

Genius, billionaire, master-builder, musician?

The multi-talented Bruce Wayne is not just any superhero, and he combines all of his talents and resource to make the most badass of heroes! Sure his millions might have got him far in life, but the fact that Batman decides to use all of his talents to save the world make him the hero we all look up to.

Did we mention he also just happens to be a master-builder, someone who can build pretty much anything, and he is also a talented musician and beat-boxer? Don’t think these talents can be used to save the world? Well think again! Batman is the hero who can do it all. Mic drop indeed.

More gadgets than you can throw a batarang at!

It’s no secret that Batman has the coolest gadgets out of all the superheroes, and it's looking like The LEGO Batman Movie is going to be giving us some serious gadget envy.

Of course there's the bat-mobile and the batarangs, but he also boasts the bat-sub, the bat-zeppelin, the bat-kayak and whole host of other cool gadgets and gizmos. Now where can we get our own bat-cave full of goodies?

Like Batman, like Bat-son!

After the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne might have retreated into darkness and donned the disguise we all know him for, but he still gets pretty lonely in Wayne Manor all by himself, and craves the closeness of a family around him.

After accidentally adopting the young orphaned boy Robin, Batman might have to learn how to be Bat-dad as he takes on the role of an unlikely father figure to the aspiring young sidekick. Whilst he might have problems with Robin’s tendency to rip his own pants off, we reckon Batman will soon succumb to his loveable ways, showing that even the darkest of hearts can be softened. Altogether now, "awwww"...

What are you most looking forward to seeing when LEGO Batman wings his way onto cinema screens soon? Let us know @Cineworld.

Sarah Buddery is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.