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Last Christmas: 5 memorable George Michael moments in our favourite films


The Christmas rom-com is back with a vengeance this Friday in the Emma Thompson-scripted, Paul Feig-directed Last Christmas.

Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke plays the aimless young woman who is given a new lease of life after an encounter with a mysterious, handsome stranger (Henry Golding).

The story is built around the music of the much-lamented George Michael, including the eponymous 'Last Christmas' and several of his unreleased tracks. So we thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and revisit some classic George moments from our favourite movies...

1. 'Careless Whisper' – Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds' enormously successful superhero comedy is packed full of raunchiness and rampant violence. But it also has a sweet heart, embodied by the relationship between Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Reynolds) and girlfriend Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). And what better way to further signal this than with a hilarious meta gag about one of George's most swooningly romantic hits?

2. 'Last Christmas' – We Need To Talk About Kevin

George Michael's song may be a sweet festive staple, but its application in Lynne Ramsay's disturbing drama is anything but. Adapted from Lionel Schriver's novel, We Need To Talk About Kevin is the story of a woman dealing with the murderous legacy of her apparently psychotic son. Tilda Swinton is sensational as the ostracised parent, forced to bear the sins of her reviled offspring, and one of the most chilling moments comes as she's humiliated at an office Christmas party – all the while as George lends a horribly saccharine feel to proceedings.

3. 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go' – Charlie's Angels

The Kristen Stewart-led Charlie's Angels reboot is out very soon, so we're taking a moment to revisit a George Michael-scored moment from the first movie. In truth, it's pretty terrible – despite the best efforts of Angels Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, director McG's garish direction sucks all the fun out of everything. Nevertheless, it does showcase one of Wham's most enduring hits, so it's not all bad.

4. 'Faith' – Very Bad Things

The juxtaposition of cheerful pop music with acerbic, nasty comedy is always bound to be a combustible mixture. And director Peter Berg's nihilistic yet farcical story of death and dismemberment, starring Christian Slater and Cameron Diaz, offsets George Michael's finger-snapping chart topper against the tale of a bachelor party that spins wildly out of control.

5. 'Young Guns' – Sixteen Candles

We end by taking things back to the much-loved Brat Pack era of the mid-eighties, and coincidentally the time when George Michael was first making his name. Wham's 1983 number was best known for its appearance on Top of the Pops, and it features prominently in the quintessential John Hughes teen movie, starring Molly Ringwald as the lovelorn Samantha.

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