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La La Land is only three weeks away! Book your tickets now!


Here's music to your ears: utterly infectious musical drama La La Land is just three weeks away, and booking is now open! Before you claim your tickets for this Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone masterpiece, here's why it's the ideal treat for staving off those new year blues.

It'll make your spirit soar

Beginning with an outrageously well choreographed, jaw-dropping song and dance sequence on a Los Angeles freeway, La La Land carries you through on so much energy and goodwill that it's hard to resist, even if you usually turn your nose up at musicals.

Special effects? We've got Gos-Tone!

The red-hot stars of Drive and Easy A have appeared together before in Crazy Stupid Love but this takes their delightful chemistry even further. They play seemingly mismatched lovers, one an aspiring playwright, the other a wannabe jazz musician, and in the process craft one of the most loveable on-screen romances we've seen in ages.

They do all their own singing and dancing!

If you thought the two A-listers had acting chops, just wait until you see them bust out the toe-tapping dance numbers in the style of Hollywood classics like Singin' in the Rain. Plus, Emma has got some set of pipes on her, and Ryan plays the piano. This is your chance to revel in the company of two seriously good-looking - and seriously talented - superstars.

It's made by a master filmmaker

You may not know the name but if we mentioned Whiplash, would that get your attention? Chazelle's brutally gripping drumming drama won an Oscar for veteran J.K. Simmons but here, the filmmaker does a complete about-face into bold Technicolour emotion, big laughs and gentle waves of melancholy. Such a dramatic but dramatically satisfying shift earmarks him as one of our great contemporary directors.

It's been nominated for seven Golden Globes!

Is it time to start placing those bets already? In addition to the aforementioned Globe noms, La La Land also recently scored an impressive 12 nominations at the US Broadcast Film Critics Association, and before you roll your eyes, let us say that these guys have in the past awarded several movies that went on to scoop Best Picture with the Academy, The Hurt Locker and Slumdog Millionaire among them. So you really need to see the movie in Cineworld and decide for yourself if it will triumph - otherwise you may well be left out of the conversation, and you don't want that.

La La Land skips onto screens on 12th January, so click here to book your tickets. Tweet us @Cineworld if it's first thing on your agenda in 2017.