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Kong proves he's King of the box office as Skull Island smashes the competition


Kong: Skull Island has opened to an almighty roar at the international box office – here's a breakdown of how it's smashed the competition in its first few days of release.


The domestic results for Jordan Vogt-Roberts' 'MonsterVerse' epic are strong with The Hollywood Reporter, erm, reporting that the film opened to $61m and crushed its $45- $50m tracking. In fact it even topped close rival, Logan, which took a still impressive $37.9m.

There's still some way to go for the movie to double its Kong-sized $185m budget but indications are it's on the right track.


Elsewhere around the world Skull Island added $81.6m to its domestic haul, bringing its current total to $142.6m. 

On these shores, the new Kong blockbuster has been sending crowds ape as it deposed Logan from the UK box office top spot with £6.22m, according to figures from Screen International.

Interestingly, the movie also scored Vietnam's biggest-ever opening, hardly a surprise given the movie shows off the country's breathtaking locations such as Ha Long Bay. The film opened there to $2.2m, this in spite of the fact a Kong replica caught fire at the film's premiere.

The competition

As mentioned Logan poses sturdy competition for Kong, the acclaimed Wolverine thriller now having grossed a mighty $438.3m worldwide, according to figures from Box Office Mojo.

However this isn't the only major release set to do battle with the latest Kong movie. Due for release imminently, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast will no doubt capitalise on the worldwide hunger for all things Disney.

The future

Given Skull Island is laying out the terms of the new 'MonsterVerse' franchise, set to continue with both Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019 and Godzilla v. Kong in 2020, it remains to be seen whether it'll defeat Gareth Edwards' very own Godzilla movie.

Released in 2014 that movie opened to $103.4m worldwide to ultimately rake in $529m in total, presenting a monster-sized challenge for the great ape. However, the omens are good: Box Office Mojo reports that Kong's UK opening marks a 17% increase on that of Godzilla, so expectations are high that its roar will linger for some time to come.

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