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Knives Out: 5 Chris Evans performances you may have forgotten about


It's not so much Agatha Christie as Agatha Twisty in the dizzyingly fast-paced whodunit Knives Out. Written and directed by Rian Johnson, this critically acclaimed murder mystery went down a storm with Cineworld Unlimited audiences (discover the reactions here).

Daniel Craig stars as investigator Benoit Blanc who is summoned to solve the death of wealthy crime author Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). There's a complex line-up of potential suspects, all of whom appear to be harbouring motives, from the real estate mogul daughter Linda (Jamie Lee Curtis), to scheming son Walter (Michael Shannon), who may be poised to inherit the publishing empire.

Yet standing out from the crowd is Chris Evans as Harlan's obnoxious grandson Ransom Drysdale. Having skipped most of his late grandfather's birthday party, and the entirety of the wake, Ransom nevertheless arrives promptly for the will reading. It's a brilliantly entertaining performance from Evans who clearly relishes the opportunity to play the anti-Captain America.

While we anticipate who murdered Harlan Thombey, here's our list of the enjoyable Chris Evans performances you may have overlooked...

1. Sunshine (2007)

Danny Boyle's underrated sci-fi odyssey centres on a deep space mission to re-ignite our sun. Co-written by Alex Garland, the movie assimilates the claustrophobic feeling of Alien and attempts to inject grace notes of serious science into an admittedly far-fetched concept. The conviction of the cast helps a lot, including Evans, who is atypically sombre as engineer Mace.

2. Street Kings (2008)

This is not just an underrated Chris Evans movie, but also an underrated Keanu Reeves movie. Directed by Suicide Squad's David Ayer and co-written by L.A. Confidential author James Ellroy, the movie casts Reeves as an undercover cop wrongly implicated in a murder. Evans impresses as a fellow detective who may or may not be on Reeves's side, ffectively going toe to toe with his stoic co-star.

3. Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010)

Thought Knives Out was Evans' first attempt at a nasty character? Cast your mind back to Edgar Wright's vibrant, fast-paced graphic novel adaptation, an endorphin rush of pop culture and quick-fire references. Evans is hilarious as one of the seven evil ex-boyfriends whom Michael Cera's Scott must defeat. Growly of voice and arched of eyebrow, Evans plays an obnoxious A-lister who cracks his neck to the sound of the Universal fanfare – a brilliantly funny turn that deserves more attention.

4. The Iceman (2013)

Evans hasn't played too many villainous roles, but this dark thriller, based on horrific true events, is an exception. The Iceman is the shocking true story of contract killer Richard Kuklinski, played with characteristic intensity by Michael Shannon. Fleshing out the film's sordid world of murderers and psychopaths is a surprisingly effective Evans as hitman Robert Pronge, aka 'Mr Freezy', so named for the horrid way he disposes of bodies in his ice cream truck.

5. Snowpiercer (2014)

Director Bong Joon-ho adapts the acclaimed graphic novel for this ambitious and star-studded dystopian thriller. Snowpiercer is an eccentric, violent and darkly humorous story of a class revolution aboard a train circling a world ravaged by a new ice age. Evans is commendably grizzled and convincing as Curtis, the reluctant leader of the revolt who harbours more than a few hideous secrets in his past.

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