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The cool teaser poster for Kingsman: The Golden Circle poses some serious questions


The first poster for Kingsman: The Golden Circle has arrived and it's both cool and deeply mysterious. Check it out below.

First and foremost, much as we're rejoicing to see Colin Firth's suave Harry Hart back, we've got to ask... how? In the wake of the first Kingsman's outrageous church massacre Harry was seemingly left for dead after being shot by baddie Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson). How will they explain themselves out of that one? (Unless flashbacks are involved...)

Also, whilst the left side of the image is assumed to represent a Kingsman (possibly Harry himself), who's the denim-wearing stranger to the right? Is this our first glimpse of their American brethren, the Statesman? They're represented in the movie by A-listers Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges, with Julianne Moore as new villain, Poppy. If so, we've got to query their mode of dress and also their choice of rope-based weaponry...

Other questions stand: where is hero Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and who will pop legend Elton John be playing? We can assume the latter has a pretty significant role given he's credited on the poster.

It all adds up to one of 2017's most enigmatic but eagerly anticipated blockbusters. Stay tuned to the blog for the first trailer. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is released on 29th September.