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The 007 point guide on how to be a Kingsman #TheGoldenCircle


Manners Maketh Man.

Ever wanted to be a super spy? Not Bond, but part of a super secret organisation that helps to defeat the evil in the world without seeking glory?

If you answered yes, Kingsman may be for you. But before you get too excited, there are a number of lessons you must undertake before you can earn your place on the team.

With sequel The Golden Circle on its way, we’ve prepared an easy guide that will prove your abilities as a Kingsman spy...

001. Oxfords not Brogues

First thing’s first, you’ve got to know the secret password. Otherwise, you’ll just be visiting a standard tailor’s shop. So you might end up with a cool suit but you’ve fallen at the first hurdle in your quest to join the team.

002. The importance of confidentiality

Are you one of those people incapable of keeping a secret from those closest to you? Then this job isn’t for you.

As a member of Kingsman, you have to maintain a strict sense of confidentiality at all times, no matter who you’re with. Even if you’re being threatened, respecting the rights of the organisation is the key.

003. It's all about teamwork

No more looking out for number one. The safety of the entire team is equally as important, and no matter how much danger you are in, nobody should be left behind.

Kingsman are a kind of family, and it’s only by utilising everyone’s full potential that full power will be realised. If you must leave a team member behind, never do so without a fight.

004. Solving problems under pressure

Problems occur very quickly when you’re working as a spy. You must be able to adapt to your surroundings, and process information as soon as it is shared with you.

When time is running out, you don’t want to waste valuable time overthinking any actions. You won’t necessarily be diving from a plane, but the actions shown by Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and Roxy (Sophie Cookson) in this situation perfectly exemplify the potential dangers of delaying your response.

005. Be prepared for anything

Expecting the unexpected is a key part of being a Kingsman, and a split second decision could be all it takes to completely change the outcome.

To succeed as a Kingsman you must be prepared to follow all orders that come your way, no matter how hard they may seem. (And thankfully, future activities where the safety of your pug dog comes under threat are unlikely!)

006. Know your limits

Utilising the abilities of your team is a must. But should the occasion arise where you are being stretched beyond your limits, it is still important to remain true to yourself.

Take Eggsy and JB the pug for example, or Harry’s (Colin Firth) reaction after the infamous church massacre. Let's not forget the latter was under the control of Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) but in the aftermath, his appalled reaction revealed facets of the noble Kingsman agent we love.

It might seem hard to believe, but as a Kingsman, your own beliefs remain important and you should stick to them.

007. Fake your own death?

Should the occasion arise where your life is seriously in danger, there is always the option to fake your death. Much better than letting it happen for real.

As to how Harry achieved this, we'll find out when Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits us on 20th September.


Hannah Dixon is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.