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Superman returns! 5 insane Justice League resurrection theories


Thus far, the marketing for super-powered team-up Justice League has been appropriately coy when it comes to the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill).

Last seen with one of the unstoppable behemoth Doomsday’s spikes protruding from his chest (where his Kryptonian heart is presumably kept), Superman will nevertheless be returning from the grave to once again instil hope into the (human) hearts of millions.

However, the question remains: how exactly will the blue boy scout return, and what events might transpire once he does resurrect? Read on for speculation, conjecture and postulation.

5. He never really died

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice took inspiration from a variety of well-known, much beloved comic book storylines including 1992's 'Death of Superman'. Assuming that the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) intends to continue plucking ideas from this famous arc, it may be that despite being placed in a casket and buried, Supes never really died in the first place.

Having sustained such mortal injuries during his battle with Doomsday, it has been theorised that Superman's body went into a Kryptonian coma, his body resting, absorbing sunlight so as to heal. It is also possible that this healing hibernation has a link to the codex much discussed (and yelled about by Michael Shannon's Zod) during Man Of Steel.

Whether Justice League decides to follow the comic or not, Superman simply taking a long nap could be a distinct possibility.

4. The Man in Black

A sight that many avid DC fans hope to see is Superman sporting new, much darker threads. Once again introduced in the famous 'Death of Superman' storyline, upon Superman's return to the living he has acquired a black, capeless suit. Not only that, he has also grown a wondrous mullet to go with it.

Rather than alluding to Superman turning evil, the black Kryptonian suit instead enables healing, absorbing sunlight at a much faster rate than the traditional red, blue and yellow.

Though Justice League will most likely forgo this somewhat comic-booky science, seeing the Man of Steel don the much-loved suit on the big screen is cause for excitement. Whether or not fans want to see Henry Cavill with the matching mullet is open to debate.

3. Uh oh, an evil Superman

This is another one of the insane theories circling Supes' inevitable resurrection. We have been shown a possible future/dream/nightmare of Superman switching sides from the point of view of Batman (Ben Affleck) in Batman v Superman. Of course, this could have just been caused by sleep deprivation along with too many blows to the head where Bats is concerned.

Regardless, things do not look good for humanity with the Kryptonian as an out-and-out enemy. With New God Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) blasting his way into the fold, it perhaps seems a bit less insane to wonder if some sort of mind control or God-like influence could be what turns Supes against us.

Could this change in loyalty be the reason why Superman has been so lacking in the film's marketing material? Unfortunately you'll have to wait until 17th November to find out.

2. Back in a Flash

With the imminent big screen introduction of Barry Allen aka The Flash (Ezra Miller), we are no doubt about to be introduced to all the issues that can arise from the Scarlet Speedster’s particular set of powers. (Time travel being the most troublesome.)

Once again Batman v Superman gave us a taste of this during the Dark Knight’s possibly concussion-induced nightmare, as an unshaven, armoured version of the Flash appeared before a startled Bruce Wayne – seriously confusing considering Bruce hadn’t even met Barry yet.

Perhaps The Flash will prove integral to the return of Superman, utilising his access to the speed force and its time-travelling potential to change the past, or even bring a not-yet-dead Superman from the past to the future. Whatever the outcome it promises to be as detailed and convoluted as you’d expect from a timey-wimey storyline, and you’ll no doubt need Batman’s vast intellect to work it out.

1. Lois is the key

Flash’s erratic entrance into Batman v Superman brought with it one final piece of a mysterious puzzle: a declaration that Superman’s long-time squeeze Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is the key. The key to what exactly is anyone’s guess, but you would be forgiven for presuming she will play a vital part in bringing Superman back to punch Steppenwolf in his pointy cleft chin.

It is possible that a few of these theories might combine to create one insane whole. Perhaps The Flash will travel back to give Lois a vital piece of information, or maybe the very sight of Lois will turn a bad Superman good. Or maybe, just maybe, Lois is literally a key masquerading as human and she's needed to open Superman's casket.

All of these are equally possible. Whatever the outcome, Lois being an important part of bringing Superman back is where the smart money is. However he decides to return, Superman's place is at the forefront of the Justice League, and his resurrection is sure to be a historic cinematic event.

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Jon Fuge is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.