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Spoilers! What we learned from the Justice League post-credit scenes


As Justice League rolled to its explosive climax we imagine many of you fans were rapt throughout the end credits, keen to discover what geeky nuggets of goodness would be revealed. We've broken down the two post-credits sequences to explore what they mean for the future of the DC Extended Universe as a whole.


The end of the movie

Justice League ends with our team – Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the resurrected Superman (Henry Cavill) – destroying the all-powerful Mother Boxes and vanquishing the evil Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds). 

We then get a montage of each character re-adjusting to their lives. The Flash gets a job and is finally able to impress his imprisoned father (Billy Crudup); bionic Cyborg makes peace with own dad (Joe Morton); Aquaman returns to take his rightful place in Atlantis; Wonder Woman continues to fight the good fight rounding up criminals; and Bruce Wayne is seen surveying the decrepit Wayne Manor with Alfred (Jeremy Irons), with the aim, one assumes, of establishing it as the base for the League.

Meanwhile Clark Kent is able to return to his sold-off family farm (repurposed by Bruce after the latter "bought the bank") with love interest Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and mother Martha (Diane Lane). Cue end credits...

Post-credit scene 1

So this little vignette doesn't offer any revelations but it is fun, and builds on one of the film's best jokes. In it we see The Flash and Superman enjoying a super-powered race together, mirroring their final-act struggle to rescue as many civilians as possible (you'll remember that The Flash rescued one family in their truck whilst Superman managed to lift a whole building full of people to safety).

Like we said it doesn't advance the mythology of the story in any way, but hopefully it alludes to a lighter tone in future DCEU movies whilst establishing Supes and Barry Allen as bromantic rivals.

Post-credit scene 2

Here's the significant one, bringing a certain Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) back into the mix after he escapes (somehow) from prison. Now complete with bald head following the events of Batman v Superman the twitchy, motor-mouthed Lex is seen on board a luxury yacht plotting the formation of his own league, addressing a helmeted character who, we assume, is set to play a big part in the next movie.

Not sure who this individual is? Allow us to explain: this is Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, an assassin from DC comics lore played by True Blood star Joe Manganiello. He's rumoured to be appearing in Matt Reeves' standalone movie The Batman, although with Ben Affleck's future as the Dark Knight hanging in the balance it remains to be see how that will pan out. The character is also mooted to be getting his own solo movie.

The exact nature of Luthor's new "league" remains to be seen – in the comics there have been several villainous DC organisations over the years including the Injustice League (comprising, alongside Deathstroke himself, iconic baddies The Joker, Catwoman, Bane and Sinestro), the Legion of Doom and the Secret Six.

Clearly Cavill's Superman is once again poised to do battle with his greatest nemesis Luthor, whilst the ensemble implications of a new group of baddies leave us with many questions. Is Jared Leto's Joker poised to return to the DCEU, especially given news of the character's solo movie recasting? And where does super-villain Darkseid (alluded to by Steppenwolf in Justice League) and his homeworld Apokolips fit into the mythology?

Questions, questions. What we do know is the Aquaman solo movie is due for release in December 2018 followed by Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 (both arriving in 2019), Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps (both in 2020). The aforementioned The Batman (release date currently undisclosed) is rumoured to be separate from the DCEU with Jake Gyllenhaal tipped to be taking over from Ben Affleck.

What did you make of the Justice League post-credit scenes? Let us know @Cineworld.