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Jurassic World crushes global box office records!


The Indominus rex stomped all over the record books at the weekend as Jurassic World took the box office by storm all around the world. The fourth Jurassic Park movie roared to the top of the chart in each and every one of the 66 countries in which it opened, gobbling up 70% of global market share. Analysts' most optimistic predictions were dramatically exceeded as Colin Trevorrow's all-conquering blockbuster enjoyed the biggest opening of all four Jurassic Park movies.

The greatest record to tumble before those ferocious dinosaurs was the all-time global weekend box office. With a gargantuan $511.8m in the kitty, Jurassic World became the first film in history to take more than $500m over a single weekend. Unsurprisingly, the biggest market was North America, where it raked in $204.6m, putting it just behind Marvel Avengers Assemble in the all-time weekend openers chart. China was the second biggest market with $100.8m. The UK and Ireland ranked third, our undiminished appetite for dino-thrills adding up to a whopping $29.6m (£19m). That makes Jurassic World easily 2015's biggest opener here, ahead of Avengers: Age of Ultron (£18m), Fifty Shades of Grey (£13.5m) and Fast & Furious 7 (£12.7).

Not only has the summer of cinema officially arrived, but those dinosaurs have also set a mighty high target for Spectre and Star Wars: The Force Awakens to beat!

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