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The Rock's 5 most rock-ing film roles #JumanjiWelcomeToTheJungle


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is currently an unstoppable force, not only because the guy resembles a literal rock but because his fame and popularity in Hollywood couldn't be much higher.

Ranked as one of the richest men among all the filthy rich people of Tinseltown, a quick glance at his IMDB page shows several films in his future, most of them huge budget blockbusters. His next foray onto the big screen sees the muscular man-mountain enter the jungle in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, the spiritual sequel to 1995's much beloved tale of an amazingly realistic board game.

Moving the action from board to video, Johnson is set to portray the superbly named Dr Smolder Bravestone, one of four in-game avatars. Before we see Johnson don his safari gear this December, let's huddle together and take a look at the The Rock's most rocking big screen roles.

5. Beck – Welcome to the Jungle (2003)

Jumanji won't be The Rock's first foray into the wilderness. Directed by Battleship and Lone Survivor helmer Peter Berg, Welcome to the Jungle is one of Johnson's first starring roles and demonstrated that he was more than capable of holding our attention outside the wrestling ring.

As he attempts to track down the runaway son of a mobster, Beck must navigate his way through the dangers of the Amazon as well as the violent locals. Welcome to the Jungle features all the easy-going charm and charisma we've subsequently come to expect from The Rock.

4. John Matthews – Snitch (2013)

The Rock has become well known for both his action hero persona as well as his comic abilities, but Snitch gives us something a little different. Straightfaced and serious his character John Matthews, a blue collar dad with a normal name, must go undercover for the DEA to save his son from a lifetime of legal troubles.

Johnson gets to do some serious acting here, with no quips or jokes or gigantic machine guns, and solidly carries the earnestness and pathos on his burly shoulders. You’ll wish Johnson turned to serious roles more often.

3. Bob Stone – Central Intelligence (2016)

Pairing Johnson with his eventual Jumanji comrade Kevin Hart, Central Intelligence is a comedy that is well worth your time, if just to see The Rock's physique stuffed into a unicorn t-shirt.

The combination of a little Hart and a big Johnson is one that works from the outset, leaving you hoping for many more collaborations. Johnson's CIA Agent Bob Stone is a somewhat different kind of gun totin', badguy killin' machine to what we're used to seeing from him.

Though still sporting a cliched tough guy name this particular agent was bullied as a kid at high school, which has left him with what can only be described as a naively sweet personality. (Hence the unicorn t-shirt.)  This gives The Rock a chance to play against type, taking on the tropes of the action hero in a hilarious send-up utilising his pitch perfect comic timing.

2. Maui – Moana (2016)

The Rock is a very talented individual, able to lift large weights off the ground, throw even larger men through the air as well as joke, banter and smack talk with the best of ‘em. As if that weren’t enough, Moana proves he can do all of this while singing.

Moana, Disney's wonderful Polynesian parable about a strong-willed girl and her adventure with gods, demigods, the ocean and more, features Johnson as Maui, a shapeshifting deity. Encapsulating everything that makes up The Rock, from his effortless charm along with his natural wit, Maui is all of it rolled into animated (and a somewhat more rotund) form, creating nothing less than a triumph.

1. Luke Hobbs – the Fast & Furious franchise

Come 2009's Fast & Furious, the fourth film in the automotive franchise, the story of defiant street racers was beginning to run out of gas. On a side note, the lack of the word 'fourious' here seems like a huge missed opportunity.

Anyway, it wasn't until 2011's Fast Five and the addition of The Rock's hulking frame that the series got the injection of NOS it needed. As Agent Luke Hobbs, Johnson adds his brawn and his bald head to a film already fairly overloaded with both, yet somehow he emerges as the stand out.

His no-nonsense attitude towards policing and ability to smash both skulls and walls positions Fast Five as arguably the best film in this seemingly neverending series.

What's your favourite Dwayne Johnson movie? With Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle out on 20th December there's plenty of time to tweet your choices @Cineworld.

Jon Fuge is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.