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MovieMash: the week in film at a glance


Looking for a quick fix of all the latest breaking news? You've come to the right place. This is MovieMash.

Judi Dench drops some beats

Not just British acting royalty, Dame Judi has also got the skills to pay the bills. With her new movie Victoria & Abdul on release now, the esteemed British star dropped by grime star Lethal Bizzle's gaff and opened up the taps. This has to be seen to be believed.

Stephen King mercilessly trolls fans on Twitter

Has there ever been a better time to be a King fan? Not only does TV sensation Stranger Things riff on the author's horror/adventure style, in the last month alone we've had both The Dark Tower and killer clown blockbuster IT arrive on our screens. IT: Chapter 2 is incoming in 2019 – just don't forget about the book itself...

Don't want to wait for Part 2 of IT, the movie? You can always read IT, the book. Just sayin'.

— Stephen King (@StephenKing) September 11, 2017

Your new Hellboy is *ripped*

Talking of Stranger Things, another of its stars is about to skyrocket. David Harbour, who plays dedicated police chief Jim Hopper, is taking over from Ron Perlman as the fiery, cigar-chomping anti-hero. And this week he unleashed a can of manliness with the following full-body shot.

Rise of the Blood Queen, purporting to be far darker and more violent than Guillermo Del Toro's two previous films. is being directed by The Descent filmmaker Neil Marshall and will be released in 2018.

Nicolas Cage defines what Nicolas Cage is

No-one puts Nic in the corner. And no-one tells the star of Con Air what defines over-the-top. In an interview with Variety the man himself gave the final word on the deliriously scene-chewing turns he's given over the years.

Why Bill Murray isn't actually stealing your chips

This week the Ghostbusters legend appeared on BBC Breakfast to promote his 'New Worlds' album collaboration with cellist Jan Vogler. And he put paid to a myth that he once scoffed a fan's French fries right in front of their face.

Still, if anyone's allowed to steal your food, it's Bill, right?

Bill Skarsgard reveals his IT smile

If you thought evil Pennywise was bad enough, just wait to see how creepy Bill can be out of makeup. Appeaing on America's Conan chatshow the star revealed his horribly ghoulish buck-toothed/jutting lip combo that helped secure him the role of the world's scariest clown. Yikes!

Liam Neeson is done with action – and the internet is distraught

"Guys, I'm sixty f*****g five", lamented the star of Taken, Non-Stop and numerous other punchy action-thrillers of recent years. Sad as it is to say goodbye to Liam Neeson the action star, he's got one more in the can: The Commuter, which pretty much contains all the Neesonian ingredients you'd want.

Dangerous public transport, feelings of guilt and paranoia, a tense phone conversation and pyrotechnics – it's all there. Check out the trailer below. The film's out next year.

James Corden dons the Pennywise makeup

It isn't what Stephen King had in mind but the British host put a hilarious spin on the malevolent clown. Plus, he teams up with fellow horror icon Freddy Krueger. What's not to like?

What news stories have grabbed your attention this week? Let us know @Cineworld.

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