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Your weekend movie news roundup!


Monday blues? Then stave them off with our instalment of the weekend's hottest movie news.

John Boyega hints at royal Star Wars casting

The British star soon to be seen in powerful drama Detroit has again dropped Star Wars rumours that Princes William and Harry will be cameoing in the next movie as Stormtroopers. (A certain Tom Hardy is also said to be playing one.)

Back in April 2016 the British royals visited the set of The Last Jedi. When appearing on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Boyega took great relish in bolstering the rumours that he had stoked during an earlier appearance on the show..

"I think they took that scene out," Boyega said jokingly, then added: "I’ve had enough with those Prince William secrets, man. They came on set; they were there, man. Tom Hardy was there, too – I said it. I’m sick of hiding this."

He added: "Every time I get asked I don’t know how to dodge it. Yeah, they were on set."

Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis dies

The man celebrated for his roles in the likes of The Nutty Professor and his partnership with Dean Martin has sadly passed away at the age of 91.

Lewis exerted a considerable influence on the comics that came in his wake, although his most acclaimed role was of a more dramatic kind, playing a version of himself in Martin Scorsese's pitch-black satire The King of Comedy opposite Robert De Niro.

In truth Lewis' exploits away from the camera are as infamous as his performances: he was 'ashamed' of his very own Holocaust drama The Day the Clown Cried, so much so that he prevented its release. And just recently he delivered this notoriously grumpy interview.

Patty Jenkins returning for Wonder Woman 2

Having delivered what is arguably the biggest success story of the summer 2017 season, Monster director Jenkins is now among the forefront of Hollywood filmmakers. Good news then – she's coming back for Diana Prince's second round of adventures.

Rumours have been circulating for some time over Jenkins' involvement in the Wonder Woman sequel but according to Deadline, she's now in final talks to direct the movie. It turns out Jenkins has been holding out for a pay deal equal to male directors, which is "in line with any other director who has performed at this level".

Due to be set in the 1980s and with Gal Gadot back as the title character, Wonder Woman 2 is currently scheduled for release on 13th December 2019.