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The most Jeff Goldblum-y Jeff Goldblum roles we’ve ever seen #ThorRagnarok


There’s something very special about Jeff Goldblum. That’s why, we imagine, director Taika Waititi chose him for a meaty guest starring role in Thor: Ragnarok, with is out next week.

With his gangly limbs and odd, halting delivery, Goldblum always brings a beautiful quirkiness to whatever movie he’s in. So, to mark the debut of Jeff Goldblum to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and to celebrate his birthday, which happens to be today - we look back at the most Jeff Goldblum-y Jeff Goldblum roles we’ve ever seen... 

Dexter King, The Tall Guy

With a title like that, there couldn’t have been many more people director Mel Smith looked to for this likeable Richard Curtis-penned comedy from 1989.

Goldblum plays Dexter King, an American actor working in London whose main job is to be abused and humiliated on stage by his flinty employer, comedian Ron Anderson (Rowan Atkinson).

Using his gangly frame to brilliant comic effect, Goldblum is winningly warm and funny in this underrated gem from Curtis’ back catalogue.

Dr Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

Full marks to Steven Spielberg for casting his original dino epic so imaginatively. He could have easily populated this movie with traditional leading actors, but there’s something very real about the main cast of the first Jurassic Park.

Jeff plays Dr Ian Malcolm, a brilliant mathematician with a penchant for showing off his manly chest, a role casting director Janet Hirshenson immediately fingered Goldblum for when she finished reading the book. According to Hirshenson, Jim Carrey also auditioned for the role and "was terrific, too, but I think pretty quickly we all loved the idea of Jeff.”

Goldblum went on to reprise the role in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and will be popping up in next year’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Welcome back, doctor. 

David Levinson, Independence Day

Another director not afraid to cast eccentrically, Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi disaster epic is as much comedy as drama, and Jeff Goldblum absolutely nails the right tone as the tech expert caught up in the alien invasion.

Goldblum's twitchy Methodisms and idiosyncratic line delivery give these big Hollywood movies precious patches of weirdness and help take them away from the airbrushed perfection of most action flicks.

Michael Gold, The Big Chill

Goldblum plays a sex-obsessed magazine journalist in this low-key gem from Star Wars and Indiana Jones writer Lawrence Kasdan.

Michael Gold is a little bit more restrained than his usual roles, but there’s still a whole lot of deliciously quirky Goldblumishness in there.

Alistair Hennessey, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

If ever there was a director whose sensibilities chime with Jeff Goldblum’s it’s Wes Anderson. Both have a left-of-centre oddness that feels totally unique.

In this memorably kooky comedy, Jeff plays Alistair Hennessey, arch-nemesis of crabby oceanographer Steve Zissou. Suave and sophisticated, he’s everything that Zissou isn’t.

Goldblum is brilliant as the catty, belittling Hennessey, especially against Bill Murray’s fabulously deadpan Zissou.

Donald Ripley, Powder

It must be flattering for Jeff Goldblum that so many casting directors seem to see him in clever roles. Maybe his geeky demeanor lends itself to characters mired in the sciences?

In this underrated horror-drama he plays the high school science teacher to Jeremy ‘Powder’ Reed, an albino student who has developed supernatural abilities.

If you like your Goldblum performances full of fast talking and wildly gesticulating arms, then you won’t be disappointed.

Seth Brundle, The Fly

It was as scientist Seth Brundle in David Cronenberg's sticky remake of The Fly in 1986 that made Goldblum a name.

The 1980s was still a time when someone as physically quirky as Jeff Goldblum could headline a movie (even Cronenberg hires pretty boys like Viggo Mortensen and Robert Pattinson now), and suddenly, in 1986, this wild-limbed, lemur-faced, spider-monkey-bodied Method man was a bona fide star.

Wild times.

Random Jeff Goldblum facts

His middle name is Lynn.

He was engaged to Laura Dern between 1995 and 1997.

He can wiggle his ears one ear at a time.

He returns to the big screen in Thor: Ragnarok on 24th October.

So make sure you click here to book your Thor: Ragnarok tickets now.

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