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Your weekend movie news roundup!


Weekend blues? Then stave them off with our instalment of the hottest movie news.

Veteran actor Harry Dean Stanton passes away at the age of 91

Hollywood is in mourning over the loss of one of its greats. Longstanding character performer Dean Stanton had one of the most extraordinary careers in the business stretching back over six decades, encompassing collaborations with some of cinema's biggest names including David Lynch and Ridley Scott.

Whether it was his role as the ill-fated Brett in Scott's classic sci-fi horror Alien or his brief scene-stealing appearance in Avengers Assemble (the film that younger viewers are most likely to remember him for), Dean Stanton's versatility was well-renowned. 

Most recently he appeared in the revival of Twin Peaks and his final movie Lucky is to be released next month. Lynch said of the actor: "There's nobody like Harry Dean. Everyone loved him. And with good reason. He was a great actor (actually beyond great) – and a great human being – so great to be around him!!!"

Check out one of Stanton's most iconic scenes below: the opening sequence to Wim Wenders' Paris, Texas with its iconic Ry Cooder slide guitar intro.

Jamie Lee Curtis will return in Halloween reboot

Legendary boogeyman Michael Myers will be back in next year's resurrection of the classic Halloween franchise.

The white-masked killer first stalked onto screens in John Carpenter's 1978, low budget masterpiece, and he's overseeing the reboot helmed by Pineapple Express' David Gordon Green. The script is being co-written by the latter's regular cohort Danny McBride (seen earlier this year in Alien: Covenant).

"38 years after the original ‘Halloween,’ I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all," says Carpenter.

Most significantly, the film sees the return of original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis, whose role as Laurie Strode in the original Halloween is as iconic as the masked killer himself. Reports suggest her character will have one final, final showdown with her on-screen nemesis.

In fact, this isn't the first time she's been killed off: Laurie actually died earlier in the series but her demise was retconned in 1998's Halloween: H20. She then officially bought it in 2002's Halloween: Resurrection – except, of course, she didn't, because she's back now.

The actress, also famed for her roles in comedy classic A Fish Called Wanda and Arnie actioner True Lies, tweeted the following creepy image of Laurie standing on a very familiar porch sporting very familiar clothing.


IT continues to smash box office records

It's official: Pennywise the dancing clown is floating everyone's boat. The runaway success of the chilling Stephen King adaptation gathers steam with a worldwide haul of $371m, according to Box Office Mojo.

Breaking this down, IT is already the highest-grossing September release ever, adding $60 million to its USA take for a total domestic gross of $218.7 million so far.

It's even surpassed 2017 smash Get Out ($175.5 million) as the second-highest grossing R-rated horror movie ever, and is just lagging behind satanic masterpiece The Exorcist, which posted domestic results of $232m back in 1974.

Meanwhile on these shores the movie has stormed the box office to the tune of £10 million. Here's hoping IT: Chapter 2 will prove just as successful.

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