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Pennywise is back in spine-chilling new IT footage


It's not out until September but our excitement – and fear – levels surrounding IT continue to grow with this new footage.

Released during the 2017 MTV Movie Awards the footage (mostly) downplays the scares in favour of emphasising the chemistry between its ensemble of actors. Anyone who's read Stephen King's spooky book will get a kick out this: the story is to a large extent about the corruption of childhood innocence as an affable bunch of pre-teen losers band together to fight supernatural evil in their Maine town, only to be drawn back into the conflict as adults.

We're getting a real nostalgic Stranger Things vibe from the young cast (one of the stars, Finn Wolfhard, plays misfit Richie Tozier), and their bickering chemistry seems to ring true. And of course the ultimate reveal of Bill Skasgard as the monstrous Pennywise is more than enough to induce shudders. Check out the clip below.