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You'll float too! The most petrifying moments from the IT trailer


The new IT trailer has skulked online and it's properly bone-chilling, offering us our first full look at Bill Skarsgard's monstrous Pennywise. Here are the highlights...

Calm before the storm

Stephen King's doorstop tome, published in 1986, is at its heart a story of childhood innocence lost and takes its time to introduce us to the central pre-teen ensemble. 

Mama director Andres Muschietti's adaptation looks to preserve the camaraderie and banter between the gang, known as the Losers' Club. Among the young actors, you may recognise Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things and Jaeden Lieberher from St Vincent and this summer's The Book of Henry.

Warner warning

We love the superimposition of the balloon over the Warner Bros/New Line logo. The story transforms these innocuous objects into the most terrifying symbols imaginable.

Monsters in different guises

The movie, as with the book, is set in the small Maine town of Derry and exposes the broad undercurrent of evil and fear upon which IT thrives.

One of the key themes running through the story is the nature of school bullying, one of the many ways in which monsters can take different guises. If Muschietti can preserve these thoughtful undercurrents of King's story we could be in for an emotional treat, as well as a scary one.

Pennywise speaks

Granted, it's only three words as the evil monster lures young Georgie Denbrough into its underground layer. But actor Skarsgard's vocals are an intriguing step away from the cackling, darkly comic menace of Tim Curry's famed interpretation in the 1990 TV movie.

Instead, Muschietti looks to be preserving the original essence of IT: that of an unstoppable, implacable force of evil.

Something rotten in Derry...

The new movie looks loyal to the novel, preserving the idea that IT has always been around and, throughout the centuries, has been responsible for countless disappearances and grisly incidents.

You'll float too!

One of the most unforgettable lines stems from Pennywise himself, as he teases young Bill (Lieberher) with visions of his deceased younger brother, Georgie. It foreshadows where the Losers' Club will have to venture in order to defeat IT...

IT's true form

Only a brief shot but as those who've read the book will know, Pennywise is just one guise adopted by the embodiment of evil known as IT.

It remains to be seen whether Muschietti will remain loyal to the novel's increasingly loopy storyline, particularly when the younger characters later become adults. Maybe a bit of streamlining will work wonders in terms of sustaining the scares.

Not clowning around

As further proof that Skarsgard's portrayal is a ferocious, terrifying force of nature, we conclude with the infamously scary moment from the book where Richie Tozier (Wolfhard) is ambushed by Pennywise. New trousers, please.