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IT CHAPTER TWO: 7 terrifying Stephen King moments we hope to see


Get ready to venture deep into the sewers below Derry, Maine once again when IT CHAPTER TWO floats into Cineworld on 6th September.

Set 27 years after director Andy Muschietti’s 2017 horror smash, IT CHAPTER TWO (also helmed by Muschietti) sees the Losers’ Club return to their childhood hometown. As adults, they must once again confront creepy clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) when he resurfaces to continue his reign of terror.

Those Losers' members who grew up and left Derry behind have forgotten their traumatic childhood, but it all comes surging back when they return to face the shape-shifting monstrosity for the second time.

With Stephen King’s original novel weighing in at over 1,100 pages, it’s no wonder two feature films were needed to bring his vision to life.

There are plenty of grisly events packed into those pages, and here are just seven moments we hope to see in IT CHAPTER TWO.


1. Adrian Mellon

In Stephen King's novel, our first introduction to Pennywise came in the form of poor Georgie Denbrough’s brutal demise.

Almost three decades later, following Pennywise’s defeat the clown’s return to Derry is signalled with the even more gruesome death of Adrian Mellon.

He’s a gay man who’s viciously attacked by a gang of youths before being thrown over a bridge into Derry’s canal. It’s under the bridge where the injured Adrian meets Pennywise, who reaches out to save him from drowning – but what actually happens next is far from pleasant.

Mellon’s death is the catalyst for Mike Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs as a child/Isaiah Mustafa as an adult) – the only Loser left in Derry – to call the others to return.

Given that Adrian is credited as appearing in Chapter Two (portrayed by actor/director Xavier Dolan), it’s almost certain this iconic scene will kick-off the movie in horrific style.

2. The reunion dinner

Not long after the grown-up Losers reunite in Derry, Pennywise’s presence is felt during what should have been a delightful dinner.

Things initially go well as the group catch-up, but events turn sour when Mike explains what’s been happening before fortune cookies are served. Those who’ve seen the miniseries will know that nothing fortunate comes from opening those cookies, as they’re filled with unappetising horrors including blood and revolting insects.

If the alleged Comic-Con reaction to this scene is anything to go by, you definitely don’t want to be eating when this scene starts.

3. Pennywise in the library (again)

Since the older Losers have apparently lost their memories, a large chapter of the novel is dedicated to them revisiting places from their childhood as a reminder.

In the trailer, we’ve already seen Beverly Marsh (Sophia Lillis as a youngster; Jessica Chastain as an adult) meet seemingly sweet old lady Mrs Kersh in her childhood home, and a Korean TV spot has teased Richie Tozier’s (Finn Wolfhard/Bill Hader) encounter with a malicious statue

As for Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor/Jay Ryan), he’s reunited with Pennywise at the library, who berates him from the floor above. In the miniseries, it was Richie (Harry Anderson) who was heckled by Pennywise, portrayed to blackly comic effect by Tim Curry.

IT CHAPTER TWO is likely to take a more sinister approach to this scene, and we really hope to see Skarsgard’s clown knock them dead.

4. Mike’s encounter

In the first IT movie, Pennywise took various forms to terrorise the younger Losers. Ben was chased by a headless child, Bev had gory plumbing problems and Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Martell/James McAvoy) was haunted by his murdered brother Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott).

But there was one member who got off pretty easy compared to the others: Mike. While Mike did catch glimpses of Pennywise in the film, his book counterpart has a much harder time. One notable incident sees the clown transform into a giant bird that chases him through the old ironworks (more on that soon). 

Moreover, in the book this sighting connects to his father and the fire that burned down nightclub The Black Spot (this tragedy is alluded to in the first IT movie).

Given that IT CHAPTER TWO interweaves past and present, presenting us with the Losers as both children and adults, it’s highly likely this scene will be included.

5. Derry’s horrific past

As a movie, IT acknowledged Derry’s dark history without going into much detail. The book goes far more in-depth, using interlude chapters narrated by the adult Mike to flesh out the grotesque happenings.

From a deadly fire at the aforementioned nightclub (which carries race-hate overtones in the novel), an explosion at the ironworks during an Easter egg hunt and the massacre of notorious mobsters, there’s a lot more to learn about the town’s gory goings-on.

And all of these incidents are apparently connected by the evil of Pennywise. We hope IT CHAPTER TWO will do justice to these unforgettably terrifying moments.

6. The smoke hole

A large part of the novel’s mystery revolves around who – or what – 'It' exactly is. To try and answer this, the Losers attempt a 'Smoke-Hole Ceremony' to learn more about their tormenter by burning a fire in an enclosed area.

It’s at this point Mike and Richie experience a vivid vision of how It came to Derry thousands of years ago. A quick shot of Mike apparently sitting in a tent in the IT CHAPTER TWO trailer suggests that this scene will be coming to the screen, and we can’t wait to see the twisted visuals on offer.

7. The Ritual of Chüd

Stephen King is known for his tendency towards the fantastical (take his bestselling Dark Tower novels as an example).

King's weighty tome IT introduces the concept of a Macroverse, inhabited by a god-like turtle named Maturin, who was teased in the first film with various Easter eggs (including a LEGO model of said turtle). Even more weirdly, we're introduced to a metaphysical battle of wills called The Ritual of Chüd.

Although the mind-bending ritual was cut from the miniseries and didn't appear in the first movie, screenwriter Gary Dauberman has told Cinemablend the Ritual of Chud will appear in IT CHAPTER TWO. But how it’ll manifest remains to be seen.

Click here to book your tickets for IT CHAPTER TWO, opening in Cineworld cinemas on 6th September.

Andy Murray is a writer who blogs for Cineworld as part of our news team.