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IT CHAPTER TWO 360 Experience takes you into Pennywise's funhouse


IT CHAPTER TWO is released on 6th September and offers a welcome (or unwelcome) reunion with Pennywise the clown.

Bill Skarsgard reprises his brilliantly skin-crawling performance as the demonic entity, who this time enters one final showdown with the Losers' Club.

Based on the second half of Stephen King's novel, the story moves ahead 27 years to depict the older Losers' return to Derry, Maine – where their feared nemesis is waiting for them, even more powerful and malicious than before.

One of the most terrifying scenes is teased in the trailer, when the grown-up Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy) attempts to rescue a child from a funhouse. It appears the kid is being lured into a trap, which becomes horribly clear when Bill once again comes face to face with the monster who murdered his younger brother Georgie...

If you thought the sequence in the trailer was creepy, how about experiencing it for real? Warner Bros have unleashed a spine-tingling 360 Experience video in which you can explore the funhouse for yourself. And rest assured, Pennywise is lurking in there somewhere...

Just about recovered from that? Then click here to book your tickets for IT CHAPTER TWO, opening in Cineworld cinemas on 6th September.