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Meet the emotional stars of Pixar’s new film, Inside Out


Inside Out, the latest sure-fire hit from the inventive minds of Pixar revolves around the tale of a young girl called Riley and the five emotions – joy, sadness, disgust, anger and fear – inside her head as she struggles to adjust to her new life in San Francisco. As you’d imagine, each of the emotions has a very different personality, so here’s our guide to each of them…


Played by: Amy Poehler 

The lead emotion, the role of Joy is to basically make sure that Riley stays happy. That becomes much more difficult when Riley is forced to move home and school – therefore giving the other emotions far more to do.


Played by: Phyllis Smith 

As you’d expect, Sadness spends a lot of her time on her own as she doesn’t mix well with the other emotions. While she does all she can to make Riley happy, she does find it hard to be positive.


Played by: Mindy Kaling 

Another emotion that doesn’t always play well with others is Disgust. Although she always has the best of intentions for Riley, she’s also highly opinionated and painfully honest.


Played by: Lewis Black 

Perhaps best described as the Yang to Joy’s Ying, Anger is a very passionate emotion that has a tendency to boil over when things don’t go as planned. Despite being quick to overreact, Anger will do everything he can to make sure things are fair for Riley.


Played by: Bill Hader 

Fear is very much on the lookout for potential disasters in Riley’s life. A missing manhole cover? Slippery ice? If it’s a hazard and could harm Riley then Fear is on the case – even if he could be accused of being slightly over-protective and nervy at times.

Inside Out is bringing the emotions to Cineworld screens from 24th July.