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Inside Out: 5 times Pixar made us feel all emotional


Inside Out, the latest movie from animation wizards Pixar, promises to be the latest emotional rollercoaster from the geniuses behind Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Wall-E.

The delightful twist is that this time, we get to see our emotions on screen in front of our very eyes. The film introduces us to Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness and Disgust, adorable characters who live inside the head of 12-year-old Riley, and who are responsible for steering her through daily life.

With the movie hitting Cineworld screens on  24th July, we've been thinking: which classic Pixar scenes correspond to each of the emotions featured in Inside Out? Which ones made us laugh, bawl, scared, disgusted or angry? Join us as we go inside out...

Up (2009)

The emotion: Sadness

The scene: The married life montage

In the space of four short, extraordinary minutes, we're witness to the highs and lows of one ordinary marriage between central character Carl (Ed Asner) and his beloved wife Ellie. Moving from happiness to sadness then back again, the montage ends on a profoundly devastating note, as Carl says goodbye to his spouse, Michael Giacchino's score transitioning from upbeat jazz to something genuinely moving. Can you pass the tissues please? We can barely see the movie for the tears.

Finding Nemo

The emotion: Disgust

The scene: The escape plan

Pixar's hilarious and heartwarming aquatic masterpiece isn't short of the odd brilliantly rude joke for the adults. When captured clownfish Nemo (Alexander Gould) is placed in a dentist's fishtank, he must team up with its other inhabitants to stop the filter and turn the water dirty, providing a distraction that will make escape easier. It prompts one of the film's best lines from shrimp Pierre, which you hear in the clip below.

Toy Story 3

The emotion: Fear

The scene: The incinerator

Pixar just for kids? This surprisingly intense scene from the climax of the Toy Story trilogy proves otherwise. Betrayed by strawberry-scented bear Lotso (Ned Beatty), Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen) and the rest of the gang look set to be plunged into the fiery pit, joining hands in solidarity as they seemingly approach their doom. During this scene, we're no longer reacting to the characters as simply toys: they become as vulnerable and real as human beings. 


The emotion: Anger

The scene: Setting fire to Carl's house

Having flown into the wilderness by utilising balloons attached to his house, Carl finally realises his childhood dream of exploring. And when he comes across his seemingly long-lost idol Muntz (Christopher Plummer), Carl is overjoyed. But Muntz soon reveals himself as the villain of the piece, at one point setting fire to the bottom of Carl's cosy abode. It's a move that secures him as one of the most hissable baddies in Pixar history. Luckily he gets his much-deserved comeuppance. Although the scene isn't online, here's an equally brilliant one.


The emotion: Joy

The scene: Date with Eve

Guaranteed to plant a massive smile of loveliness on everyone's face, this magical sequence from the near-silent opening third of Pixar's brilliant movie sees lonely robot Wall-E taking dormant love interest Eve out on a date. This involves sheltering her from the rain (watch out for the lightning!) and holding hands, which turns out to be more painful than one would expect. The delightful 'ba ba baaa' vocal intonations on Thomas Newman's score simply add to the feeling of joyousness.

What are your favourite emotional Pixar scenes? Tell us  @CineworldInside Out is released on 24th July.